Monthly Archives: December 2007

Look What Santa Brought Me!

It's amazing how Santa knows exactly what to bring you at Christmas time. I was determined to get my list delivered to the big guy but after getting thrown out of three department stores I was starting to get desperate. I needn't have worried as Santa must network like an insurance salesman and word got…
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Roasts, Forums and In The Zone

Christmas is always a rush and this week has been particularly hectic but I thought I'd fit in on more Blog before Christmas. Last night I had the honour of being master of ceremonies at Stephen Gall's 50th Birthday Roast last weekend. The night was attended by just about everybody who shaped the professional Australian…
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In The Zone DVD is Finally Released!

First I have to apologise for missing my scheduled Blog last week but it's not like we've been asleep. If you've registered on the blog or for the Enews you would have received just that. The first Off Road Explorer Enews. The first edition was kept pretty simple to make sure the system worked. Future…
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