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What's the idea behind offroadexplorer.com

Back in 2005 Clubby had already recognised the attraction of adventure riding. While in a publishing office on the other side of town Russ was laying out pages of amazing 4WD destinations thinking that long haul multi-day off-road riding had to be the way to go. That was the germ of the idea that created offroadexplorer.com. Let's face it with a growing population you have to travel further afield to find great places to ride. Instead of the of towing a trailer a couple of hundred K's out of the city why can't the ride start and finish at your front door. After stepping on board with Trail Zone Magazine as Adventure Bike Editor the roll of ORE was clear. Page space is limited so offroadexplorer.com has all the extra info you need. We want you to be able to experience the rides we write about so in our travel section you'll find Google map routes and pictures of nearly all our rides. Get out there and experience it for yourself.


Stephen Gall
Four time Mr Motocross, Multi Australian dirt bike champion.

Since before we were in high school Lance has had the same passion for dirt bikes as I have. After my professional racing career Lance created all the advertising and promotion of my very successful Academy of Off Road Riding and then went on to help build the CTi knee brace brand in Australia.

Recently through my work with Yamaha Motors Australia I've begun to enjoy adventure riding and Lance has provided expert advice and tips that has made it all the more enjoyable. When it comes to set up for any conditions Lance and the ORE team have covered all bases.

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