In The Zone DVD is Finally Released!

First I have to apologise for missing my scheduled Blog last week but it's not like we've been asleep. If you've registered on the blog or for the Enews you would have received just that. The first Off Road Explorer Enews. The first edition was kept pretty simple to make sure the system worked. Future editions will have more links to info for al things dual sport. Feel free to forward it to all your mates.
For the Trail Zone team it’s a pretty exciting time with the release of Trail Zone issue 15 and the 'In The Zone' bonus DVD due out December 19. We really wanted to produce a worthwhile product for our readers and its important to us that we get your honest feedback. Sure, you'll more than likely hurt my feelings but Clubby and Popgun taunt me all the time about the fact that my feet never touch the ground so I live. Give it to us straight. We wouldn't have it any other way.
In issue 15 is my Snowy Mountain High ride through the Vic High Country. Clubby snapped some excellent pics and I hope you get motivated to do the ride yourself. Check out the Travel pages in were you'll find the route on Google Maps. Following that is my story on the BMW Rider Training course. That BMW Xchallenge is a tall bike but after two days it felt like a 250 after combining a whole bunch of techniques from Miles Davis, Wayne Clark and Matt Cooley. I highly recommend their training regardless of your skill level.
Finally, is a more comprehensive report on the Kawasaki KLR650. It's more road orientated than previous models but nonetheless perfectly suited to long distance dual sports touring.
Just last week Clubby sent me off for my first major motorcycle media event. Along with other members of the off-road motorcycle press I was treated to two days of riding the latest models from Husqvarna. The Australian importers, the Paul Feeney Group had the entire off-road range including the new fuel injected TE250, TE450 and TE510. Unfortunately the TE610 hadn't arrived so the guys organised a 2007 610 for me for a bit of a spin. Having ridden it I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the new model. There'll be a full report of my first media release experience in Trail Zone issue 16. So far, outside of the riding, I can remember about a paragraph worth of text so expect a lot of pictures with faces blurred to lower the chance of being identified. The other guys kept saying 'What goes on tour, stays… something. Oh well. Never mind.
I'm hooking up for a ride with Tenere Ray over the break so I'll have a new route on the site during January. So have a great Christmas, a happy New Year and ride safe.
Lance Turnley

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  1. Gary Williams
    Clubby, Thanks to trail zone for producing a really good dvd , this is the best i have seen for a long time. I am the old dude that shook hands with you at the Sydney bike show, and i think i commented then that you are doing a great job with the Magazine.Keep on this track mate and you are definately on a winner. Regards Gary
  2. Chad
    Russ! Just watched that new DVD with TRAIL ZONE mag and thought it was real good. But are you serious that you fell over on the BMW Dakar on the side of the trail? What happened? Couldn't you touch the ground while turning around? Good thing Tenere Ray was there to get the Beemer straightened out and off to the next beer stop ASAP! Keep up the good work. Chad.
  3. Lance
    Thanks for the words of encouragement Chad. Clubby is always cracking the whip and getting his riders to do the impossible to get the perfect shot which is the real reason the Dakar ended up on its side. I keep saying though, there's only so much you can do with an 1980's Instamatic using Kodak Gold print film. Lance
  4. Hunsta
    Yeah just watched the DVD. I must admit all 3 major Trailriding mags have a DVD out at the moment, and although Im a big fan of TBAMs ones this time you guys have out-DVD-ed(is that a word) them by a longshot. A great adventure riding section(bridal Track). Theres got to be more of that stuff and that last one with the (as Clubby would put it) Carnage Carnage Carnage hill was great. I envisaged myself tackling that hill with a full 30ltrs in my DR`s tank. Oh the Carnage. Cheers Craig
  5. I thought my ears were burning. Try the Forum link now. I've put up some categories and opened some forums. We'll see what happens. Build it and they will come. Thanks heaps for your feedback on the DVD. Cheers, Lance

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