Look What Santa Brought Me!

It's amazing how Santa knows exactly what to bring you at Christmas time. I was determined to get my list delivered to the big guy but after getting thrown out of three department stores I was starting to get desperate.

I needn't have worried as Santa must network like an insurance salesman and word got through to him. Our first project bike will be very cool indeed. The first things I found under the christmas tree was a complete set of KLR branded luggage from Kawasaki including tank bag, rear tail bag and saddle bags. Along with that kit was a taller Kawasaki aftermarket windscreen.
But it didn't stop there. Santa also got me a pair of TAG handlebars and grips plus a pair of IMS footpegs. Can't wait to get rid of those standard rubber pegs and get a decent grip on the bike. Speaking of grip Santa must know I prefer the loose stuff and now the KLR will be shod with a pair of Cheng Shin tyres that are 30% road and 70% dirt.

The KLR always seemed to be gasping for breath and Santa came through with a Unifilter and with some air box mods we'll have that thing sucking air like… (insert your own analogy here). There was one last thing missing but Santa left me a note. His elves got a little behind this year as the demand for Nintendo Wii was greater than expected. So this years production of the new KLR650 Staintune pipes will begin in January 2008 so hopefully it will turn up for our next big ride.
That's just the KLR. Santa also bought me 10 pairs of underwear. Not that you really wanted to hear that but my stock of comfy undies had suffered with all the miles we've done so far. Need to stand up more.

Finally my girlfriend bought me an Australia Road and 4WD Atlas. I'm still trying to figure out whether that means she wants me to go away or to make sure I find my way back. Think I might have to clear that one up this week. But more importantly better get started on kitting up the KLR. All the gear will be in Issue 16 of Trail Zone and the new Project Bike section of the ORE web site next month.
Have a happy New Year and ride safe.


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