Off Road Explorer Upgrade is Complete

Well it's taken a few months but stage one of our upgrade is complete. Stage one you say? Well yeah, there will be upgrades and new features added in over time. Not bells and whistles just to make things look cool but functions that are actually practical and get you enjoying the thing you love most and that's riding. If you got that answer wrong then you're on the wrong web site.

One of the things I'm most excited about is that the new design is compatible with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads so you can catch up anytime, anywhere with mobile reception. There's also our Facebook page which we update from time to time. We also have a Twitter account but who the hell knows how to use that?

While we are mostly an adventure bike touring site we're pretty much into any bike that likes being off road. So you can expect to see other members of the dirt bike family including vinduro. It's no secret we like our old adventure bikes so why shouldn't that include some vintage enduro classics.

So let's take a look around. First there's the usual suspects - the Blog. This contains all the news we author and new products we use so you'll get a more down to earth point of view. It will also contain posts for each of our departments but you'll also find a few old unedited yarns from past issues of Trail Zone Magazine.

Next is the News. This is all the unsolicited news release waffle that is shovelled out to the media on a regular basis. In most cases we'll just cut and past but the main idea is that we get this info to you as soon as it's released.

New Product information is always good value especially for those of you lucky enough to have a new bike and looking out for the latest accessory.

For old ORE fans you'll be happy to find we have our Travel page. You'll find some of our old favourites and there are plenty more to come. We're experimenting with some software  that will produce the routes in a form that will suit most people. Stay tuned.

Under Bikes we have a mixture of bikes we test and project bikes we build and we are still building those pages. Bike Specs are simply new and old bikes with a few pics and specifications especially of bikes we don't get to throw our leg over. I'm always looking for this type of information when researching bikes so I guess that we should be building a bike spec database ourselves.

Our Video section is a collection of old and new videos from past Trail Zone Magazine DVDs and new clips from our good mate Dave Darcy of MADtv who spits out classic footage on a regular basis. Where does he get the time?

And of course there's the ORE Forum. I'm sure somethings going on there... if I could just remember my password.

In addition to all that there's Ride Events and the ORE Garage with Tech Tips and Tools.

There's a lot more to come so keep checking and we'll you out on road.

Lance 'Russ' Turnley


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