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OFFROADEXPLORER.COM has been officially launched in Issue 14 of TRAIL ZONE Magazine. Aimed fair and square at the growing ranks of Aussie adventure bike riders, the offroadexplorer.com web site promises to fast become a hub for big-distance all-roads adventure bike riders, by providing a source of information on all things adventure-bike related.

In TRAIL ZONE Issue #14, our adventure bike riding stories kick-off with a feature ride on the famed Bridle Track at Hill End in the old gold mining country of the NSW Central Tablelands, a test-ride of BMW's F 650 GS Dakar and the first Off-Road Explorer column.

What does OFF-ROAD EXPLORER.COM Have to Offer?
You can only fit so much in a magazine and we really want our readers to experience the rides for themselves. So after reading about the ride in Trail Zone you can go to offroadexplorer.com and find contact numbers, links to accommodation and trip notes then follow the ride yourself. As time goes on offroadexplorer.com will become a substantial information resource.

Cheers till next time.

Lance Turnley

6 Responses

  1. Dear ORE, You guys going to be showing lots of off-road carnage on your web site? Please advise. Thanks, Chad.
  2. Yes Chad. As the great AC would say 'Carnage on the up hill'
  3. Thanks Lyal, Having GPS data available to download has been our plan from the beginning and we're working on it at the moment. You can imagine that we have to get it right otherwise we might end up with a whole heap of adventure riders lost in the wilderness. keep an eye on this site and Trailzone magaizine. We've got a heap more coming. Lance
  4. Hunsta
    Seems a great site. When will the forum be up and running? Still seems to be under construction. Cheers Craig
  5. seano
    great looking site, best forum layout I've seen yet
  6. Hunsta
    So far so good. One thing I see in the forum is that there is no way of posting pics. Now I know this is tricky as you dont want some turnip posting a pic of Paris Hilton in her birthday suit and then having the site banned from workplaces. I also see that you dont have any moderators as yet. Yes thats a hard job to do and no I dont want to do it.LOL One thing Ive found though is that people like to see pictures of rides from ride reports and so on. Is this likely to change or will that create more problems than its worth. And yes I do understand its still early days. Cheers Craig

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