What is offroadexplorer.com?

I hope that it will be more than simply a source of information for the Adventure Bike Rider. To start with, it will be a summary of various pieces that appear in Trailzone. I'll have a Blog that will give you a sneak preview on what's happening from week to week of what will eventually turn up in the mag in detail.

There is a forum for everybody to swap notes, express opinions and gather up buddies for a ride plus a photo page to post your adventure riding pics. This is a web site we'd like you to be able to contribute to.

For the travel stories that appear in Trailzone you'll find a Google map so can plan and follow the exact route that we ride and you can experience it for yourself. You will find a map with trip notes, fuel stops and links to accommodation and anything else relevant to getting your bike out of the garage and on the trail. And if you have found a great ride then let us know and if we can, we'll ride it with you.

So I invite you to join us for the ride and as always we welcome your participation and feedback.

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