’83 Ténéré Project

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With Tenere Tragics just around the corner ORE has been preoccupied with our 1983 Tenere XTZ600. While it's not a full concourse restoration it's not too far off.

We've had the benefit of two bikes. One partially restored and one donor bike. The great thing about the donor bike is that it still had many of the original rubbers and nuts and bolts.

The project will be revisited in the future with the wheels getting reanodised and respoked. In the meantime it's amazing the difference new plastics, decals, light paint touch up and Maxima 'New Bike In a Can' has made.

The bike will be featured in more detail in our Project Bike section including details on plastic restoration technique.

It's not concourse but we're pretty happy with the result so far.


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