KTM 1290 Super Adventure 2015

KTM reckons its 1290 KTM Super Adventure has set a new benchmark in the adventure travel market. The Super Adventure’s powerful KTM engine with 160hp from its 1,301cc, liquid cooled, V twin is armed with a heap of safety and electronics packages that behind all the marketing speak is designed to reduce the chance of seriously injuring yourself.


This is clearly a European tarmac adventure tourer only and they've made a big fuss that the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure is equipped with a cornering light.


The new cornering light is incorporates additional LED headlamps within the fairing side panels and are activated separately by means of a lean-angle sensor. When the 1290 Super Adventure is ridden through a right-hand curve at a lean angle of 10 degrees, one LED lamp switches on in the right-hand lamp unit. The second one switches on at 20 degrees and finally the third at 30 degrees of lean. So, the greater the lean when riding, the stronger the illumination of the course of the curve. When the 1290 Super Adventure takes a left-hand bend, the left-hand LED lamps are activated just as purposefully subject to angle of lean. The LEDs on the outer side of the curve remain off in each case.


While it's a great innovation most adventure riders in Australia will be kicking back with a coldie watching the sunset instead of leaning the bike at 10, 20 or 30 degrees on a dirt road.

While it's yet to be announced when or if the Super Adventure will arrive in Australia the big bore KTM does look at home in Monte Carlo. Check out the video.

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