Yamaha Academy Adventure Bike School

Since 1977 the Yamaha Academy of Off Road Riding has been developing courses for all types of off road riding. From competition Motocross and Supercross to Trail and Enduro they have catered for all ages and all levels of expertise. The latest addition to their off road riding courses is the Adventure Bike curriculum. Armed with a KTM 640 Adventurer I travelled down to Batemans Bay to check it out. The main difference between the regular curriculum and the new Adventure Bike courses is that they aren't nearly as detailed as their Trail and Enduro Schools. As Heffo explained, 'The reason for the difference is that big bore dual purpose bikes are not nearly as capable on difficult terrain as their smaller capacity enduro counterparts. It's more about smooth riding and energy saving techniques because the bikes are simply so much heavier.'

You can't get any heavier than a BMW GS1150. One exercise that two GS riders, David Jordan and Erin O'Neil, benefited from was turning their GS 1150's around on a hill. At 240kg plus these are big arse machines and you don't want to get pinned under one. In the event that you can't get enough traction to do a hill start the veteran instructor Steve Pritchard showed how to dismount safely and turn the bike around slowly using clutch control in gear to get the bike at right angle to the hill. Then using the front brake and turning the handlebars from lock to lock to work the front wheel till you're pointing down the hill. Then you're in a position to remount the bike and simply roll forward back down the hill.

For information on future Adventure Bike Courses call the Academy office 02 4232 4580.

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