Barkbuster Blizzard

Barkbusters have created the Blizzard which is a new weather protection handguard that is compatible with most makes and models. While the guard is basically designed for fully-faired sportsbikes, tourers and scooters the Blizzard is is a great option for those who do plenty of transport sections in poor weather conditions.

Manufactured with a windproof and waterproof material that is strong enough to be self-supporting under wind pressure, yet soft enough to flex against fairings and screens without leaving a mark, the BBZ handguard envelopes the hands while remaining open at the rear and can be fitted to most motorcycle makes and models. The nature of the construction also means that clutch and brake levers remain free from any interference.
While they don’t provide the same controls protection of regular full backbone handguards they provide excellent protection from the elements. Available from all good motorcycle accessory dealers for $119.95


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