Dualsport Australia Navigation DVD Vol. 2

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Dual sport Australia has released their second adventure riding routes DVD. It joins up with the routes from Dualsports Australia DVD Volume 1 at Moonan Flat the route heads north across to the west to Narrabri and has several routes that go as far south as Bathurst.

It's a total of 2,500 kilometres of scenic back roads perfect for adventure riding. The DVD GPS track log data (GPX and KML) for the GPS tech heads but if you're old school then the DVD also has 60mm route sheets you can slide into your tank bag or mount in your nav box.

It also contain food, fuel and accommodation info so planning your ride is quicker and easier. All the hard work has been done for you.

The disk is PC compatible but a reasonable tech savvy individual with a Mac will be able to find the data they need. The disk author also provides contact details for technical support. For only $29.95 you have to add this to the collection.

Web: dualsportaustralia.com.au
Contact: dualsportaustralia@gmail.com


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