Enduristan TOKI Tool Kit

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With a variety of bikes in the Off Road Explorer fleet we've found ourselves with the wrong tools for the wrong bike when you're stuck out on the trail. Carrying a universal kit that contains enough tools for every single nut and bolt for every bike you may throw a leg over means a lot of weight you don't need to carry.

Most tool rolls are exactly that. A roll. Unfortunately tool rolls can tend to get a little bulky. What we like about the Enduristan TOKI tool kit is that it folds relatively flat which makes it much easier to slide down the inside of your soft luggage or hard cases.

However the best feature of the TOKI tool kit is the magnetic pad. The worst thing that can possibly happen is to lose screws, nuts or bolts on the ground on the side of the trail. The TOKI kit comes with a flat magnetic flap that will keep your fasteners together and not roll into the long grass or deep sand. Believe me I've done it and it's more frustrating than dried up glue in a puncture kit.

Folded the kit is 20cm x 13.5cm and laid out 45cm x 78cm. It has 56 elastic loops two rubber tool bit holders. Other features include:

  • Two large areas for dismounted parts
  • Additional magnetic area
  • Open inside pocket
  • Zipper mesh pocket for small items
  • Red inner lining for high visibility
  • Secure velcro closing
  • Outside pull strap with spanner logo for recognition
  • Tools are not included

It's made of a 1000D-3L truckers tarp type material protecting your tools from abrasion and the bright red colour will lessen the chance of it being left unnoticed of the ground when you complete repairs and ride away.

The Enduristan TOKI Tool Kit is available online from Motorcycle Adventure Products or you can call them on 07 3139 0387.

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