Shark Explorer R

Shark has come up with a whole new approach to the ultimate dual sports helmet called the Shark Explorer R. I often seen many adventure riders commuting on their bikes wearing regular full-face helmets. To me that just looks weird but it makes sense. At highway speeds on city roads, who needs a peak?

Shark-Explore-R-CarbonPulling the Shark Explorer R out of the box you can’t help but notice the gloss raw carbon fibre finish which looks absolutely brilliant. Wrapped in it’s quality helmet cover the helmet visor, peak and goggle assembly are supplied separately in the box. In the box is also a nosepiece that fits to the goggles with a wipe for cleaning and printed instructions.

Sliding the Explorer R on you’ll notice the snug fit which is very comfortable and firm without squeezing your head and the extra elastic skirt around the back of your head is a nice fit. The helmet has a drop down internal dark visor, which is for use when you’re in road bike mode as you can’t operate the external lever when the goggles are fitted.

Straight into adventure mode I fitted the peak, which clips straight into the visor mounts on either side of the helmet. The custom Shark goggles attach to small lugs either side towards the back of the helmet with the strap and on the left side it has a tab for easy release. The first thing you notice is how well the Shark goggles fit into the helmet. You also have to fight the urge to say, ‘Luke I am your father.’.


Riding in adventure mode the helmet is very quiet and I had my reservations about the goggles but I didn’t feel any wind leaking through so in cold environments it is surprising good. The peak sits a little too high for my liking but you could easily drill another hole for the top peaks helmet mount to get it where it works for you.

I think the Explorer R is excellent especially for winter riding as it also has an integrated neck gaiter which zips into its own pocket in the neckroll when not in use. There’s plenty of vents that you can open to increase air flow in warmer conditions. For dual sport riders and for those of you with road and dirt bikes in the garage this is the way to go. The Explorer R retails for $599.95 and for your nearest dealer contact Ficeda Accessories on 02 97547 0060.

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