Touratech’s Waterproof Gloves

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Touratech’s outer waterproof gloves, with abrasion resistant material on the palm, are designed to be worn over motorcycle gloves.

Waterproof over-gloves are a great alternative to packing a second pair of heavy waterproof gloves on a long ride.

The Touratech waterproof over-gloves pack small to save you space, but they keep your hands warm and dry when fitted over your riding gloves.
Note: Because of it's construction, the waterproof over-glove fits a range of different glove sizes based on the thickness of the glove they are covering. The following chart can be used as a guideline:

For motorcycle gloves with built in armor:

  • Size 6 = S
  • Size 7 = M
  • Size 8 = L
  • Size 9 = XL
  • Size 10 = XXL
  • Size 11 = 3XL

For thinner motorcycle gloves without built in armor:

  • Size 7 = S
  • Size 8 = M
  • Size 9 = L
  • Size 10 = XL
  • Size 11 = XXL
  • Size 12 = 3XL
  • Size: S-3XL
  • Color: Black
  • Pack small to save space
  • Material: Waterproof Oxford fabric with a perforated inner liner
  • Closure System: Adjustable fastening system with elastic strap
  • Price: $48

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