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Cool Tube for QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Racks by SW-Motech

This great tool and spare parts tube offers safe storage space while you are on the road. It's made from robust plastic and is fitted with a rubber sealing inside the cap and mounts to the inner side of the side carriers. Side Cases do not need to be taken off frames when removing tool tube. It's dimensions are 30 cm wide x 8.5 cm high and includes a tube with screw-on lid, all mounting parts and mounting instructions for only $69.Molt5H_LkXDDeXu7nmBIWjiCn4bAF29MvfwNjQTe4CA,eNm7oJ77wWlHKaKCVhCDaFwDhMA5v0SRBfh_cQ9eXmY