Before Clive became Trail Zones new Tech Editor is Clive has been helping out with technical guides such as our Super Tenere brake rebuild. His business MotorcycleBiz based in the NSW Hunter Valley handles everything from tuning, to fixing, prepping and repairing trail, enduro and adventure bikes.

Clubby calls him ‘The Professor’, because he’s smart and analytical when it comes to all things technical on two wheels. For years Clive has volunteered as our sweep rider and there hasn’t been anything he can’t fix… within reason. You’ll meet him on our ride to the Snowy rides and he’s repeatedly proved his worth on the Tenere Tragics ride.

Hailing originally from Brisbane, having 40 years of riding experience and with a 12 model Yamaha WR450fb, 07 Suzuki VStrom 650, 08 Honda CRF250x and a restored 1993 KLX650 in his shed, Clive Ward is ready and experienced to work all Japanese motorcycles. Clive has extensive knowledge of Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki Motorcycles and more recently worked for a KTM dealership. His experience also extends to late model fuel injected Husqvarna and Triumph motorcycles and is a Teknik authorised suspension dealer and installer

His skills extend beyond repairs to writing technical articles on repairing and servicing Motorcycles with techo talk in recent issues of Bike Business Magazine and as we mentioned he is now the Technical Editor for Trail Zone Magazine.

He started his apprenticeship in Canberra in 1985 and qualified in three years with no less than twenty-one TAFE distinctions and was a finalist for Apprentice of the Year.
Still eager to learn he returned to TAFE at night to complete fuel injection, Advanced Tuning and LPG courses in the following two years. Fuel injection became his focus and he concentrated on developing skills and understanding of the various systems and now includes all electronic systems appearing on modern motorcycles.

In August 2012 Clive completed his Cert IV in Training and Assessment and now contracts as a trainer and assessor for the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers.

Clive also services and upgrades suspension systems, using quality Teknik products, provides advice on motorcycle preparation and can provide pre-purchase and mechnical inspection services along with all service, repair and tuning needs for your Motorcycle.

On a big ride he’s the guy you want watching your back.