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Sydney Motorcycle Show

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

One of the sad realities of life as a freelance motorcycle journalist is that you spend more time in the office than you do on a bike. We’ve been working flat out preparing for the Sydney show and more importantly putting the final touches to the Trailzone DVD which will be released later this year with Issue #15 of Trailzone. What started out as a pilot has turned into 80 minutes of enduro and adventure riding plus some other content that you just won’t see coming. For all you mums and dads don’t worry. It’s all suitable for the kiddies.
Once the Sydney Show is over then we are stuck into updating offroadexplorer.com and issue #15 which will feature our adventure ride loop of the high country. We also test the Kawasaki KLR650 and the Yamaha XT660R. Plus the usual mix of all things to do with off road riding.
If you haven’t seen the series or the DVD, SBS (Sydney) is screening Long Way Round on Saturday night at 8.30pm right after Top Gear. Check your local guides. Speaking of Boorman and McGregor a copy of the book Long Way Down arrived at the ORE office this week and after the first few pages is shaping up to be a good read.
For those of you in Sydney there’s no excuse for not going to the Sydney Motorcycle Show at Homebush this weekend (2-4/11/07). When you get there make sure you call in at the Trailzone Stand (No. 157) and say hi. We’ll have the KLR650 test bike on display with a full set of Wolfman luggage. We used the Wolfman Alpha bag on our high country ride. Strapped to the standard KLR rack it never shifted and there was no sign of dust in the bag after 4 days of riding. Excellent luggage.
Hope to see you at the show.
Lance Turnley

Sydney to Jindabyne via Nowra NSW

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Getting There

When heading south from Sydney this is one of the quickest ways to get on the dirt. This route will take you to the NSW Snowy and on to the Victorian High Country and return. Combined with parts of the High Country loop it is a very popular route with Adventure bike riders travelling to and from the MotoGP at Phillip Island.


This ride is easily done in a day, however depending on where you are starting from following are links for different areas for stopovers.





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Victorian High Country

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Getting There

If riding from Sydney take the South Eastern Corridor to Dalgety. If riding from Melbourne start the ride from Orbost.


Golden Age Motel - Omeo (Recommended)
Phone Australia 03 51 591 344
Fax Australia 03 51 591 305

Omeo Region Information

Buckleys Crossing Hotel
Brierley Street
Dalgety NSW 2628
Telephone: (02) 6456 5023


Orbost Office 13 19 63

Dept of Parks 51 61 1222

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Offroadexplorer Hits The High Country

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Offroadexplorer has been doing what its meant to do and that’s to find adventure bike routes for you to follow. Clubby from Trailzone and I just got back from the NSW Snowy and Victorian High country mapping out a route for both our Victorian and NSW readers.
For the ride we had a Kawasaki KLR650 and a Yamaha XT660R. To ride they are very different bikes but they handled all the conditions with ease.

We split our trip south into two. First is the Sydney south corridor. What we mean by that is a route that bypasses the main highways and gets you onto the dirt as soon as possible. So our first corridor south starts at Nowra on the coast and heads south via Nerriga skirting national parks through farmland to Braidwood. Then along the edges of Deua National Park to Kybeyan, Nimmitabel and finally Dalgety. Unfortunately there are patches of tar along the way but we estimate that from Nowra its about 60-70% dirt road and 100% sensational countryside. We eventually, with your help, hope to find corridors north, south, east and west out of each capital city (except of course if there’s an ocean in the way).

From there our High Country loop across to Jindabyne for fuel then down the Barry Way into Victoria. We turned right at Limestone Black Mountain Rd and headed across to Omeo where we took a quick detour up to Anglers Rest where we bumped into three guys on a KTM, Tenere and KLR500. They were on their way to Falls Creek in the hope of finding a vacant snow hut for the night. We headed headed back to Omeo for a hot shower and a warm bed.

After an excellent overnight stay at the Golden Age Motel in Omeo we headed cross country to Buchan. It was a day of not quite sure if we’re on the right track and where it was taking us so there were some nervous moments. Once again spectacular country from forests to rolling lush green valleys. Unfortunately the road to McKillops Bridge was closed so we had to find an alternate route from Buchan. We headed down to Orbost where we decided to take a chance on a road that ran along the Snowy River National Park. Yalmy Rd just five kilometres out of Orbost took us 100 kms north all the way to Bonang. It runs right through the middle of nowhere and felt as remote as it gets. An absolute find! We crossed the border just before sunset then high tailed it to Bombala through an insect infested atmosphere.

We’ll be publishing the routes on the ORE site soon and you can read about our high country loop plus the reviews on the Kawasaki KLR650 and the Yamaha XT660R in Issue 15 of Trailzone. For all of Trailzones Queensland Adventure riders your turn is coming. Our next adventure ride will be out of SEQ so we’ll keep you posted.

Finally thanks to all of you who have so far registered on Offroadexplorer.com. We’ll be on the Trailzone Stand at the Sydney Motorcycle Show so please drop in and stay gidday and be sure to give us feedback on what you want from ORE. After the Sydney Show we’ll be sending out our first eNewsletter so keep your email boxes clear.

Lance Turnley

Melbourne Motorcycle Show

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Well, the Melbourne Motorcycle Show was a great success! Clubby, Tania, Popgun and I were kept busy chatting to tons of off-road riders, both enduro and adventure bike, signing up subscribers both keen to get a chance to win Trailzones ‘Choose Your Ride’ subscription offer and the new offroadexplorer adventure bike features.

Adventure bikes were well represented at the show particularly from BMW but also KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Aprilia and Triumph. Suzuki with their ever reliable DR650 had a low profile as did the Yamaha XT660R. The bike that got a lot of attention was new KTM 690 Rally that was raced at the Australian Safari. Unfortunately, word from KTM is that we won’t see a production version till the second half of 2008 and it’s more likely that there’ll be an update of the 640 Adventurer before the 690 makes an appearance.

No sign of the Tenere on the Yamaha stand but we’ve still got our fingers crossed that one will surface at the Sydney Show. I have to admit that a highlight for me was a restored XR75. It was no surprise that the only thing missing was the standard exhaust. Gally and I cut the pipes off our XR’s and fitted aftermarket straight through mufflers. It was louder so it had to be faster, right? Such is the thinking of 13 years olds.

This week we are planning our next adventure ride down to the Victorian high country. Starting the ride proper from Dalgety, across to the Barry Way aand down into Victoria, the MacFarlane Track and eventually make our way over to Anglers Rest. From there south to Buchan then north along the Deddick Track to McKillops Bridge and across to Delegate and finally north to Dalgety. That way Victorian riders can start the loop from Buchan or Omeo and NSW riders can start from Dalgety or Jindabyne. Clubby and I will be doing the ride on a Yamaha XT660R and the Kawasaki KLR650. The KLR650 will be our first project bike so over the next 3 issues of Trailzone we’ll be transforming it into a serious adventure tourer. Gee I hope it doesn’t snow…


Lance Turnley

Offroadexplorer.com at the Melbourne Motorcycle Show

Friday, October 5th, 2007

So much to do and so little time. Offroadexplorer.com will be launched at the Melbourne Motorcycle Show this weekend. Our first articles will appear in Trailzone issue #14 and you can get a copy at the show before it hits the newstands. In addition to the offroadexplorer column there’s a test on the BMW F650GS Dakar and a five page spread on our first Adventure Ride through the historical NSW gold country to Hill End. We also filmed the trip so you’ll be able to watch it on Trail Zone’s first DVD to be released with issue #15. Our next trip will be in Victoria and then we’ll hopefully hook up with some mates in the Sunshine State for another two day ride.

Even though the idea of an epic sounds great we want to provide you with destinations that you can do in a weekend out of each capital city and get you of the beaten track as soon as possible.

By the time Issue #15 comes around we will have taken delivery of our first project bike, a Kawasaki KLR650. Over three issues we’ll be giving you setup tips and show you that you don’t have spend a heap of money to explore the back-roads of Australia.

If you’re at the Melbourne show be sure to drop in to the Trail Zone stand and say Gidday.


Lance Turnley