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Trail Zone ‘In The Zone 4′

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Trail Zone Magazine and offroadexplorer.com fourth DVD will be released in Australia December 2010. Join Clubby, Popgun and Russ on their latest adventures.

2009 Husqvarna TE610

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010




Dual Sports With Bite

The Husqvarna TE610 is the latest big bore dual sport bike from the Italian brand. When you’re looking for an adventure bike that will go hard then Husky TE610 is close to the top of the list.

Photos by Lance Turnley



R & D Axle Nut

In our first Husky Project Bike instalment we mentioned the fiddly hex tool that you need to use to remove the front wheel. It is a total pain. R & D Husqvarna have available a billet alloy nut that enables the use of a 15mm spanner. It suits all model Huskyís and a simple solution to the problem. Available from R & D Husqvarna, phone 02 4735 4410 or go to www.husky.com.au
Retail Price: $29.95


Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag

After the success of the Giant Loop Saddle Bag they designed a slightly smaller rear bag specifically for enduro bikes and that suited the Husky TE610 perfectly. We got the limited edition white bag, which is no longer available. Itís designed and sewn in the U.S.A, has a volume of 30 liters and straps on/off bike in seconds. It uses the same tough materials and zips as the Fandango Tank bag and is easily fitted without any drilling or modification to the bike. You donít notice it on the bike and I had to keep checking it was still there. It also has separate draw string bags inside to make it easy to pack. You can buy online from www.adventuremoto.com.au


Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag

Featured in our new products last issue, the Fandango Tank Bag is designed specifically to fit on large-capacity dual sport fuel tanks so on the Husky tank it was a no brainer. It has a 10 litre capacity and a clear vinyl map top pocket. The bag unzips from base layer meaning you donít have to unstrap the bag from the bike Itís made from tough, waterproof material and waterproof YKK zipper. It is only available in orange and black.
Retail Price: $235
Phone: 1300 135 286
Web: www.adventuremoto.com


Husqvarna Factory Performance Pipe

You sometimes just canít help yourself and you have to get an aftermarket pipe. Husqvarna already have a factory titanium silencer to suit both the TE and SM 610. Available from all Husqvarna Motorcycle dealers with a recommended retail price of $1765.50 including GST

Kouba Lowering Link

The seat high of the TE610 is not as high as most enduro bikes but the 940mm seat height is still a stretch for a fully laden dual sports/adventure tourer. Pulling up on uneven ground can have you on your side before you know it. So in such situations a lower seat height helps give you the leverage to stay upright. The H2 Kouba Link lowers the bike 40mm to makes life easier for the vertically challenged riders like me. The links are available for the TE 250, 450 & 510 from 2004 to 2007 and does include the TE610. It comes with bearings and grease nipple and costs $285.00 for the complete kit. Available from R & D Husqvarna, phone 02 4735 4410 or go to www.husky.com.au


ORE Custom Screen

Itís surprising how much more you are exposed to the elements without a windscreen on an adventure bike. You wouldnít think so but after a couple of hours on a long section taking the full force of the wind will fatigue you quickly. Weíve been really impressed with the Trailtech X2 headlight. Not just for the improved lighting but also how it mounts solidly to the forks. Our search for a screen that would suit the Trailtech headlight was fruitless so we designed a custom screen specifically for the Trailtech. It worked a treat. Even at highway speeds the screen didnít budge an inch and it reduced wind noise.


Garmin Zumo 550 GPS

Weíve been using the Garmin Zumo 550 GPS for the last 12 months and itís never let us down. The great thing is, updates are often available from new maps or screen savers for your favourite brand of bike. The guys at GPS OZ offer their OZ Topo maps which have more often than not pointed the way out of the woods. Mated with a bluetooth headset the GPS voice commands guide you through new towns to your final destination or to the nearest fuel. Now only $849. OZ Topo maps are extra. Available from GPS OZ, Mona Vale Sydney. Phone: 02 9999 2313. Check out the new Garmin Zumo 660 available soon.


Storm Handguards

In our first project bike installment we fitted Barkbuster VPS handguards, which are a big favourite with enduro and adventure riders. However, for wind deflection it’s not as effective as the larger standard handguards supplied on some adventure bikes. Barkbusters have answered the call with the Storm handguard. It is a much larger plastic guard but the great value is that they use the same aluminium backbone of the VPS. If you have VPS handguards you can fitted the Storm plastics for just $45. The Storm handguards are also available as a complete kit for $105.00 and the mounting hardware is $65.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.


X-2 Trail Tech Headlight

On of the things that the Husky lacks is a decent headlight for adventure riding. It took a bit of searching but we found the Trail Tech Torch X-2, which we first spotted on a bike in the SA 24hour. Trail Tech make a variety of lighting systems used by race teams around the world. The halegon lights illuminate both near and distant terrain and the lamps are specifically designed for high vibration off-road use. Its lightweight design is easy to install and comes in a range of colours for the most popular range of bikes. The Torch X-2 halogen lighting system, which retails for $170 is available from selected dealers. For your nearest dealer call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559. For product information go to www.trailtech.net


Vector Instrument Panel

With our TE610 leaning towards a safari desert racer weíve fitted a Vector Powersports Computer. The Vector features all the multifunctions you would need including Speedometer with current, average and maximum speed, distance, temperature including ambient, engine temp, dual programmable temp lights and exact model fit temperature sensors. The clock also has hour meter, stop watch, ride time and accumulated ride time. Bonus features include a lap timer, lap counter, individual lap time memory and oil and mechanical maintenance reminders. We also fitted a remote switch to cycle through the functions on the go and also a dashboard ($90) which includes a variety of indicator lights including indicators, high beam and other warning lights. The Vector All Purpose Speedometer retails for $239 including remote switch and is available from selected dealers. For your nearest dealer call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559. For product information go to www.trailtech.net

TZ_#26_016 copy

Mitas Dakar E-09 Tyres

When youíre on a bike like the Husqvarna TE610 it just doesnít seem right having anything less than chunky knobbies to give the 610 something to bite with. However the long road kilometres certainly take their toll and if youíre not easy on the gas a rear hoop will only last you a thousand kís. With that in mind weíve chosen to try a set of Mitas Dakar E-09ís. They are specifically designed for tough rally conditions and have been tested and proven in the Dakar Rally. We fitted a 90/90-21 and a 130/80-18 on the rear. The Dakar E-09 retails for $140 for the front and $185 for the rear and is available from selected dealers. For your nearest dealer call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559.


Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag

Our Husqvarna isnít yet setup for the long haul but for a bike like this small luggage options are the go that lightens the back pack load. We fitted the smaller Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag which is designed so the bag does not get in your way when youíre standing on the pegs. It has a map viewing pocket on the top with a zippered compartment with the lid and straps easily to the bikes frame. The Wolfman Enduro Bag from Wolfman Luggage Australia is available in Black and retails for $134.95. You can purchase online from www.adventuremoto.com.au.com.au.



Wolfman Tail Bag

For our other small luggage option we matched the Enduro Tank Bag with a Wolfman Peak Tail Bag. This gives you the capacity for overnight clothes, food or for our Husky, a spare fuel bladder. The bag is expandable with inside mesh pockets, compression straps and outside bungy cords. It has reinfornced sides and can mount on the seat or rack with straps or clip onto the edges of the rear guard, rack or seat. The Wolfman Peak Tail Bag is available from Wolfman Luggage Australia is available in Black . You can purchase online from www.adventuremoto.com.au.com.au.


Heated Grips

I know Iíve said this before but heated grips should be standard on all dual sport motorcycles. Once again weíve gone for Grip Heaters from Ballards Off Road. We found that these things work a treat with high and low settings and we found on our first project bike the KLR650 that they never let us down. Grip heaters make a huge difference on cold open stretches and it will be the best $57.95 youíll ever spend. Available for Ballards Offroad. To order just call direct on 02 4731 1210 and tell them Off Road Explorer sent you.

Trail Mirrors

The first thing I used to turf on my enduro bike were the standard mirrors and replace with a small mirror that mounted on the handlebar. Not particularly functional or legal for that matter. When your on the transport sections itís always handy for a clear rear view for when trucks or the establishment is trying to sneak up on you. Standard mirrors are pretty vulnerable on the occasional lay down. So we fitted two fold out mirrors that will give you clear rear vision on the road and will fold in when you attack the dirt. The folding mirrors retail for $15.95 each and are available from Ballards Offroad on 02 4731 1210.


LED Tail Light

When youíre adding kiloís on with accessories you also have to explore ways of loosing them and every gram counts. On most bikes the rear tail hanger is large and cumbersome to comply with ADR requirements. Weíve swapped over the standard unit for a LED Taillight Extension. It gives the bike a more race bike type look and the LED lights are more reliable than the standard globes. The LED Tailight Extension retails for $54.95 and is available from Ballards Offroad on 02 4731 1210.


B&B Bash Plate

B & B Engineering Bash Plate?We were shocked to find that the Husqvarna TE610 doesn’t come with any engine case protection whatsoever. Sure many manufacturers are fitting high impact plastic plates and you end up replacing them anyway. We went for a B&B Off-Road Engineering Bash Plate. The alloy bash plate is highly polished and came with all the components needed for fitting. A great touch is the plate also comes with rubber strips that elimate vibration against the frame. The plate also has a great polished finish. It’s going to be a shame to scratch it.?The B & B Off Road Engineering Bash Plate retail for $191.00. You can buy online by going to www.bboffroad.com.au or call 03 5335 8000.


Barkbusters VPS Handguards

The VPS plastic handguard has an aluminium backbone and an adjustable wind deflector. We always mount the wind deflectors in the highest position for maximum wind protection on those long open road miles. The white plastic guards set off the bike well but they have a wide range of colours. We checked out the Barkbusters install video on their web site and installation was a breeze. The VPS handguards retail at $105.00 and the mounting hardware is $65.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244


Motul Performance Oils and Bike Care

Husqvarna recommend a range of Motul oils for your Husqvarna including 5100 10W50 engine oil, Air Filter Oil for the stock foam element, their factory line Chain Lube, EZ Lube Multi Protection Spray and Motul Shine and Go Silicon Clean. Nothing worst than turning up for a ride when the love of your life looks a bit shabby.
Motul Oils are available from Husqvarna dealers Australia wide.


Unifilter Air Filter

At Trail Zone and Off Road Explorer we love to support local made quality products and one of the best products on the market are Unifilter Air Filters. It’s a dual stage filter that’s easy to maintain for the long dusty rides. Unifilter recommend Filter Fix foam air filter treatment when servicing their polyurethane foam air filter elements. The foam element retails for $65.00 and a 500ml bottle of oil is $12.95. For more information go to www.uniflow.com.au or contact Unifilter on 02 4322 2007.


Pivot Pegz

To get a real grip on the our new Italian rocket we’ve fitted Australian made Pivot Pegz. They are beautifully engineered and their spring loaded pivot action increases grip and improves rider comfort on a long haul. The Pivot Pegz retail for $220.00. Check out www.pivotpegz.net for there full range fitment chart.


Zip Ties

On the Husky handbars the electrical wiring is held on to the handlebars with rubber ties. Even though they make for a neat finish I found when installing the handguards they were easily flicked off and vunerable to breaking. We replaced them with good old zip ties that are easy to install and are extremely tough. You can buy them by the container load at most hardware and automotive stores.


Axle Hex

When we assembled our new Husky fresh out of the crate it proved that the best wat to get to know the ins and outs is to put a spanner to it. Punctures are something that we are all familiar with and when your out on the trail and you have to do a repair, it’s hot and wet, you just want to get the job done then a piece disappears. The Husky tool kit uses a hex bolt that inserts into the axle end to hold the axle while tightening it. When fitting the front wheel the hex bolt disappeared inside the axle. Made me think that out on the trail without a long screwdriver, tipping the bike over on it’s side or removing the bolt again after just putting it in is just a time waster. We fitted a small screw to stop the hex bolt from sliding all the way in a saving some potential pain in the backside inconvenience.


Rego Label Hiding Place

How many times have you lost a rego label off your bike. Those plastic rego plate holders just don’t like the rough outback roads and trails. There’s a couple of remedies. One is you can stick the label on the fork leg which is illegal. The next option is to zip tie it to your backpack which is also illegal. So we’ve got another illegal solution. Under the Husky is the standard tool kit held in with a rubber band. When we get far enough away from the city when there’s more chance of running into a kangaroo than a police officer we tie the rego label under the seat. With the Husky’s quick release seat latch it’s pretty convenient but illegal.




Trail Zone ‘In The Zone 5′

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Trail Zone Magazine ‘In The Zone 5′ DVD featuring Edog200 New Zealand trail ride adventure.