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2011 BMW F800GS

Monday, October 24th, 2011



Bavarian Blaster

When it comes to adventure bikes BMW has a legend status. With mid weight 800cc class dual sport bikes on the market we get the opportunity to see the F800 GS true potential as we prepare for the BMW GS Safari.

Photos by Lance Turnley



There are a†whole range of trick bits available for the F800GS but the surprising thing is the hunger you develop for all things BMW and being corporate. It started with the GS cap and you canít ride a GS in anything but a BMW Rally Pro suit. This has been accompanied by a strange urge to wear a collared shirt and tie just in case I have to drop in on a board meeting. Next thing you know Iím buying a new tow vehicle. I opted for the six series coupť as it will be easier to spot amongst the X-5ís that frequent my local cafť to pick up my double decaf homo mocha soy lattť before my next corporate engagement.


Nevertheless weíve fitted†a ton of goodies for the F800GS and we started†with what your BMW dealer can fit you out with straight from the showroom floor and into the Australian Outback.

BMW Tank bag

The BMW Tank has a expandable capacity from approximately 12 to 17 litres and has zip open side pockets. It is waterproof and is large enough for a A4 sized map pocket on top and has a patented cradle for mobile phone or other electronic devices.

It has a variable insert with an adjustable outer rim with a Velcro fastener to set the width. Within that is adjust Velcro dividers and an adjust cover with a drawstring top to help keep out moisture. Available from your BMW dealer for $340.


BMW Engine Protection Crash Bars

Made from sturdy stainless-steel tube construction the BMW Engine Protection Bars not only protect the engine from impact but also support the whole bike in the event of a fall on uneven ground protecting other parts of the bike.

Available from all BMW dealers for $575.


BMW Alloy Bash Guard

The BMW Engine Guard Hard prevents stones from penetrating the oil reservoir (Iíve seen it happen) and damaging the engine cases in the event of bottoming out and impacts. For the F800GS itís probably the most important aftermarket accessory you should have. If you are planning to ride anywhere off road then a bash plate is highly recommended. Available from your BMW dealer for $383 and itís well worth the investment.

BMW Hand Guards

The F800 GS like most adventure bikes isnít lightweight so in the unlikely event of a fall the first to get damaged are the controls. The BMW Hand Guards are closed loops made of high-strength electro polished steel. They have wind deflectors made of robust, shatterproof polyamide plastic protecting both your hands and bike controls.

Available from your BMW dealer for $241.


BMW Headlight Protector

The BMW Headlight Guard protects your F800GS headlights against flying stones. The clear shield is made of shatterproof Plexiglas. The snap lock system enables easy attachment and removal for cleaning and maintenance. Available from your BMW dealer for $130.


BMW Low Seat

Itís an option I always request for an adventure bike. When youíre loaded up it helps to be able to plant your feet firmly on the ground when you pull up or trying to negotiate a technical section. Itís the sort of situation when you come across a fallen tree and you have to detour over difficult ground to circumnavigate the obstacle. I also find the lower seat is a lot more comfortable than standard. The great thing about buying a BMW low seat is that it is a factory option and when ordered from the factory it wonít cost you any extra. However if you do need to buy the lower seat as an optional extra the price is $460.

Wolfman Soft Luggage System

The 2010 Wolfman Side Racks are designed as a system with Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags or Teton Saddle Bags.

The system offers easy mounting, durable construction; appropriate for the most aggressive conditions and works well with the Wolfman proprietary oval-shape with 4 attachment points, for the most secure soft luggage mounting available. This kit also includes a rear cross brace for extra strength and increased load capacity.

These racks can double as utility racks to fit on a fuel or water containers. They are made of welded steel and chromoly steel with slotted bolt holes for simple, painless installation.

High grade nuts and bolts for mounting are supplied with the kit.† The complete system of racks and Expedition Dry Pannier Bags shown here are $ $579.95 and available from AdventureMoto.com.au online or call 1300 46 66 86.


Rear Shock Bracket and High Tensile Bolt Kit

Made from high grade billet aluminium the F800GS Rear Shock Bracket is designed to help brace and strengthen of the rear shock top bolt. This kit also comes with a high tensile replacement for the standard BMW bolt. It distributes the load and will reduce the chance of a bent or broken shock bolt. It is the best value kit of itís kind at only $95. Highly recommended for long trips especially when carrying a fully laden luggage system. Available online from AdventureMoto.com.au or call 1300 46 66 86.


AltRider Side Stand Foot

Since we are heading out to the desert for five days Iím expecting to see a bit of sand. Not like the massive dunes of the Dakar but enough to allow the side stand to sink into the ground and up end like a beached whale. The AltRider Side Stand Foot for the BMW F 800 GS provides a larger footprint to support the weight of your bike on soft ground. $69.95 is a small price to pay to avoid back injury.

Made from hefty 1/8 inch stainless steel, this foot features a 3D tread that provides traction for your boots. The AltRider foot also clamps down on the actual foot of the side stand with Torx fasteners, which means it will remain tight even after months of use. No more rattling or stripped fasteners. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au


Touratech Aluminium Guard for Brake Fluid Container Handlebars

Ever had a brake fluid cap go missing? Itís not much fun especially with BMW dealers few and far between. The Brake Oil Reservoir is very vulnerable and the guard will prevent tampering, and offers protection to the container from flying stones. Available from Tourtech Australia online for $54.91.


Trail Tech Equinox LED Lights

These black anodized case LED lights have a 35mm round post mount. Helmet, handlebar and flat surface mounts are also available. They have a three position dimmer on/off switch at the back of the light casing. The great thing about that is that you can set the lights to 12W, 6W or 3W. Excellent for increasing your visibility in traffic at 3W then ramping it up to 12W when you really need to light up the road. Each unit weighs 167g, the front lens is hardened glass with the beam colour at 6300K. For your nearest distributor call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559.

3BR USB Power Outlet

This compact, easy to mount USB Power Port is the answer for powering and charging your USB accessories including cell phones, most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. It mounts easily to any surface using the Universal Mounting System. A tethered seal cap protects the power port from dust and water when not in use. AdventureMoto has a range of powered device options for most mobile phones and electronic devices. The Tapp Lite is only $44.45 and is available online from www.adventuremoto.com.au


Barrett Performance Pipe

The slip style muffler has two adventages other than increased performance. The Barrett pipe is much lighter than the stock unit and is less expense to repair or replace than the stock BMW unit. All of their exhaust systems are hand TIG welded and feature a removable tea strainer baffle as well as a unique ribbed billet end cap which is easily removed to simplify repacking. The slip on cannister is fabricated out of aluminium, and contains a stainless core surrounded by muffler packing and steel wool. The end cap begins as a solid block of alloy and is individually carved out in their onsite CNC machine.

The Barrett Slip On pipe for the BMW F800GS is $595 and includes delivery within Australia. Go to www.barrettexhausts.com.au.



Motion Pro Torx Kit

Unlike other manufacturers BMW donít supply a basic tool kit with their bikes. That normally wouldnít be too big a problem but BMWs use Torx head fasteners throughout their bikes rendering most basic bike tools useless. If your looking to cover yourself with your regular bike tools then a Motion Pro Torz kit will go a long way to help that. The kit includes T-25, T-27, T-30, T-40, T-45, T-50 wrenches† and features 180 degree swivel heads with extra long handle for accessing hard to reach places, heat treated alloy tool steel and chrome plated finish.

It comes in a heavy duty folding canvas storage pouch and takes up less storage space than a typical hex key set. It costs $145 and is available from www.adventuremoto.com.au or call 1300 86 66 46.

Touratech Fairing

If itís one thing the F800GS Lacks is an effective fairing. Touratech have naturally come to the rescue with the Desierto Fs screen The screen can be fitted easily and has an infinite variety of adjustment options.† This enables air flow and annoying wind noise can be practically eliminated for any individual with the height and inclination of the screen adjusted as well as the distance from the fairing . Adjustments can be done easily in a few seconds with a standard size 6 open ended spanner.

The whole assembly retails for $1 072.82 and is available from online from www.touratech.com.au.


Touratech Steel Headlight Protector

When you own a Beemer you tend to ride with other Beemers and if youíve ever followed a fellow F800GS† or R1200GS they can chuck rocks the size of house bricks. Touratechs Steel Headlight protector is the ultimate rock guard for your expensive BMW headlight assembly. It consists of a strong corrugated grid that is welded directly to the frame, and is completely powder-coated. It gives your F800GS that Ďconquering Africaí look and is attached directly to the headlight bracket of your BMW. The Steel headlight is a great investment and available online from Touratech Australia for $140.38.

Altrider Luggage Rack

AltRider make some beautiful engineered parts for most adventure bikes. Their F800 GS Rear Luggage Rack is made from strong 4.75 mm black powder coated aluminum and features side flanges for extra strength, itís and can carry a wide range of luggage options. The rack is uniquely designed with a variety of cut-outs, so you can easily attach your bags with anything from straps to bungee cords to tie downs. An interface for the Givi Monokey systems is also available, allowing attachment with a mount kit that is sold separately.† Available from AdventureMoto.com.au for $169.95


Altrider Radiator Guard

The AltRider Radiator Guard for the BMW F 800 GS offers serious protection of your vulnerable radiator. Made with 1.5 mm anodized aluminum, it replaces the OEM guard for a stronger solution. Louvers deflect kicked up debris, and the fins are designed to direct air toward the radiator to keep it cool.

The AltRider Radiator Guard attaches with OEM mount points and hardware, and is the only guard currently available that utilizes the lower middle mount to provide increased strength and protection.† The AltRider Radiator Guard is only $90.95 and is available from AdventureMoto.com.au


Touratech Seat

This seat significantly increases seating comfort, especially on long stretches over the standard height seat. The reason is the ultra-elastic yet strong outer material, which makes the padding even more efficient. The integrated recess relieves the pressure on the coccyx and distributes the drivers weight over the whole seat. Thanks to the offset seams on the side and slim shape of the seat, there is no pressure against the thighs. Itís available from Touratech Australia for $777.08 and if youíre planning on riding endless days in the saddle itís worth the investment.


Storm Handguards

The standard BMW handguards offered great impact protection but the small plastic blades offered minimal protection from the elements. We went straight to the Australian made Sotm Handsgaurds by Barkbusters.

Itís a favourite of ours the plastic guard is much larger and is great value compared to the BMW accessory handguard. The F800GS Barkbuster kit is available for $129.95 including the backbone and mounting hardware with the Storm plastics costing $46.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.


Pivot Pegz MarkIII with Toppers

Weíve used the Pivot Pegz MarkII and Mark III on previous project bikes and they have never failed to out perform the standard foot peg. Pivot Pegz have gone one better with creating the new Pivot Pegz Toppers.

For the adventure rider the foot peg provides a wider flat platform with reduced vibration and extra comfort whilst still having openings large enough to allow mud/dirt to pass through.

The Pivot Pegz MarkIII retail for $239.00 and the †Pivot Pegz Toppers are $29.95. For your nearest retailer go to www.pivotpegz.net.


Unifilter Air Filter System

The Unifilter dual pod foam filter has internal support springs and polyurethane flange.† The kit comes with two precleaners and reuseable cable ties for fixing to airbox snorkel inlet.† The precleaners provide added filtration and protection in off road conditions which is far superior than the standard paper filter especially in Australian conditions. The design of the prefilters make it easy to remove and clean. The Unifilter unit can be purchased and fitted by your BMW dealer. (Part No. NU-7305KIT) The complete kit is $82.50 and is available from your BMW Dealer or Unifilter Australia. For more information go to www.uniflow.com.au.


BMW Tools

When we took delivery of our F800GS we spent most of the day looking for a secret compartment that contained the tool kit. Even in the well-equipped ORE Garage we had no Torx tools so fitting our new parts was a problem. A quick phone call to BMW revealed that the F800GS doesnít come with a kit and that you can purchase one from your dealer.

Our own BMW Tool Kit finally did arrive and itís typical of what you would expect from BMW. Itís super lightweight and from what I can tell has every fitting you need to make any adjustment all the way through to removing the rear wheel. (PN 71 60 7 720 256). The BMW Tool Kit retails $287.00 and is available from your local BMW Dealer.


Touratech Oil Reservoir Guard

The brake fluid reservoir on the F800GS is almost unprotected. In the event of a fall on rocky ground an obstacle can protrude into the frame and break off the fragile plastic oil reservoir. The guard also prevents tampering with the reservoir cover. Fits also to the 2001-2007 single-cylinder BMW F 650 GS and is available online from Touratech Australis for $59.94. Go to www.touratech.com.au

AltRider Regulator Guard

Itís important to protect your voltage regulator with the AltRider Voltage Regulator Guard. The guard is made with 3 mm anodized aluminum, and itís designed with louevers that direct air toward the heat sink, cooling it off so it can perform more efficiently. It mounts using OEM mounting points, and comes with stainless steel fasteners that mount flush to prevent snagging on your pants or boot. Itís available from Adventuremoto.com.au for only $90.95 and is also available in black.




2011 BMW F800 GS

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Our BMW F800GS proved itís worth as a conqueror of outback obstacles. Hereís the bling we fitted to make our F800GS unstoppable on the BMW Safari.




  • BMW Tank Bag
  • Engine Protection Bars
  • BMW Handguards
  • BMW Lexan Headlight Protector
  • BMW Low Seat
  • Soft Luggage System
  • Rear Shock Bracket
  • AltRider Side Stand Foot
  • Touratech Brake Fluid Guard
  • Equinox LED Lights
  • 3BR USB Power Outlet
  • Barrett Performance Pipe





  • Storm Handguards
  • MotionPro Torx Kit
  • Touratech†Fairing
  • TouratechHeadlight Protector
  • AltRider Luggage Rack
  • AltRider Radiator Guard
  • Touratech Seat
  • Pivot Pegz
  • Unifilter Air Filter
  • BMW Factory Tool Kit
  • Touratech Oil Res. Guard
  • AltRider Regulator Guard





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2010 Husqvarna TE630

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Husqvarna raises the bar when it comes to making the meanest single cylinder dual sports/adventure bike on the market.




  • Side Stand Modification
  • Husqvarna Bash Plate
  • Husqvarna Lower Seat
  • Husqvarna Rear Rack
  • B&B Off Road Bash Plate
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Touratech Pipe Guards
  • VPS Handguards
  • Safari Tank
  • Unifilter Air Filter
  • Lambda Probe Guard





  • Wolfman Rolie Bag
  • Plastic Side Cover
  • Brake Reservoir Guard
  • Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard
  • Carbon Fibre Sprocket Cover
  • GPS Holder
  • Coyote Saddle Bag
  • Wolfman Racks an Bags
  • Trail Tech GPS
  • Grip Heaters





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2011 Husqvarna TE630

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011




Desert Assassin

The Husqvarna TE630 is the most most powerful single cylinder dual sports adventure bike at the economical end of the market. The DR and KLR doesn’t stand a chance.

Photos by Lance Turnley



With many adventure/dual-sport bikes going soft (or as Popgun would say, getting bigger, heavier and wider!) and thus becoming more at home on the black-top than the dirt, what a breath of fresh air it is to have recently taken delivery of this Husqvarna TE630. When it comes to dual-sport bikes that are more dirt than road, the TE630 is right there at the sharp end of the offroad pack, alongside KTMís 690 Enduro R.

Sidestand Set Up

Like so many ADR compliant machines, the Husqvarna TE630 features a sidestand thatís designed to automatically retract when weight is taken off it. This is mostly a safety feature, so that you canít ride off with the sidestand down. However, when youíre trying to move the bike around with a load on, itís handy to be able to leave the stand down, just in case the bike gets away from you. To remedy the auto flick-up function, simply grind off the sidestand bolt extension, and this will allow the sidestand to stay in position.


Husqvarna Bash Plate

The TE630 tends to throw rocks in all directions and we know from painful experience how easy it is to hole the unprotected engine cases. This genuine Husqvarna bash plate for the TE is made of 3mm aluminium sheet and reinforced with a 3mm stainless-steel sheet. The bash plate features neat polished rivets and not only looks good, but offers serious protection of the cases and fits to sturdy stainless-steel mounting brackets. Priced at $340, the bash plate is available from Husqvarna dealers everywhere.


Husqvarna Lower Seat

Unless youíve got the legs of a basketball player, the previous TE610 model was a tall bike with a 940mm seat height. We fitted a lowering link to the TE610, which made a world of difference. This year the new 630ís seat height has been reduced by 10mm, but itís still a stretch for the average guy to throw a leg over. Following the lead of other brands, Husqvarna now offers an accessory lower seat for the 630 that reduces the seat height by 30mm to 900mm. Priced at $203 and available from Husqvarna dealers, the lower seat height is a god send for vertically challenged riders (like me!) when you need to paddle.


Husqvarna Rear Luggage Rack

Husqvarnaís accessory rear luggage rack is extremely strong and once fitted, makes it easy to mount small tail bags. The rack features a stainless-steel frame that is fitted with a 4mm aluminium plate rack. It has grooves for straps and handles, making it easy to secure a pack or motorcycle travel bag to the back of the bike and is rated for loads up to five kilos. Easy to fit, the rack is priced at $342 and is available from Husqvarna dealers around the country.


Husqvarna Rear Bag

This Husqvarna Factory rear bag is a perfect match for the rear rack, and features side
pockets with waterproof zips and the top-loading zip-top has a small clear zip pocket, which is handy for your E-Tag when youíre getting out of town. The inner liner
has padded Velcrofastened compartment dividers and a drawstring rain-proof liner. Perfect for a weekend run, the bag is priced at $230 and available from Husqvarna dealers.



B&B Off Road Bash Plate

When it comes to a proven track record for engine protection you canít go past B&B Off Road products. For our Husqvarna TE 630, knowing the sort of riding weíll be doing, we had to take engine protection to the next level. B&Bís alloy bash plate is highly polished and comes with all the components needed for fitting. The plate also comes with rubber strips, which help eliminate vibration against the frame. The B & B Off Road Engineering Bash Plate retails for $191.00. You can buy online by going to www.bboffroad.com.au or call 03 5335 8000.

Husqvarna Performance Exhaust

The TE630 has plenty of bite but fitted with these Husqvarna TE630 Titanium/Carbon Fibre cans it completely transforms the bike. The pipes do come with ECU, which increases peak power but we retained our standard ECU to give us more mid-range, which will be better suited to the TEís use. The best part is they only weigh 1.84kg each compared to the standard units at 3.3kgs each. There is an obvious power increase while still retaining its rideability. The Husqvarna performance pipes are available through your Husqvarna Dealer and retail for $1888.00. Go to www.husqvarnamotorcycles.com.au


Touratech Pipe Guards

With some luggage options and simply the heat from the exhaust system heat guards are an essential item on the TE630. Even though the 630 come with heat guards the Touratech units are sportier, lighter and leaner than the original part and fits straight onto the original exhaust system and our Husqvarna high performance pipes. The kit includes the right and left hand sides and retails for $102.54. Buy online at www.touratech.com.au or phone 03 5729 5529.

Barkbusters VSB Handlebars

Barkbusters Variable Section Handlebars have bends designed for Honda, KTM and Yamaha. We chose the Yamaha bend to give us maximum rise to counter the low bar position of the TE630. The bars are fatter for longer making them stronger with less vibration and more flex.
Theyíre manufactured in Italy from premium grade Ergal 7075 Aluminium with a shot peen & hard anodized finish and retail for $99.95.† Available in Charcoal, Gold & Silver from Rideworx in Australia. Go to www.barkbusters.net or phone 02 4271 8244 for your nearest dealer.


Safari Tank

This has to be one of the most awaited tanks in the Safari Tank range and itís finally arrived. The 25-litre Safari Tank for Husqvarnaís 610-630 range now unleashes the true potential of this bike. The tank has been designed to keep the weight as low as possible and at the same time Safari have retained the original ergonomics of the bike. When riding the bike particularly the tank looks and feels no larger than the stock tank. This has to be one of the best Safari tanks to date and should be one of the first mods you bolt on when you take delivery of your new TE630. The tank fits both fuel injected TE610 and TE630 models. The fuel pump assembly mounts in different areas for the 630 and 610 so when ordering make sure you specify the correct model. The kit includes everything you need to fit the tank and you wonít need Popgun to help you. The TE630/610 tank retails for $730 and is available from www.safaritanks.com.au.



Unifilter Air Filter

Now that the TE630 can cover longer miles without a fuel stop it doesnít itís important to fit a quality air filter and one of the best products on the market are Unifilter Air Filters. Itís a dual stage filter thatís easy to maintain for the long dusty rides.
Unifilter recommend Filter Fix foam air filter treatment when servicing their polyurethane foam air filter elements. The foam element retails for $65.00 and a 500ml bottle of oil is $12.95. For more information go to www.uniflow.com.au or contact Unifilter on 02 4322 2007.


Lambda Probe Guard

With fuel injection technology there are various sensors on the bike to allow the onboard computer to keep the engine running at peak efficiency. The lambda probe is a sensitive measuring device and is not exemption to needing protection.† This guard protects the lambda probe from stones being thrown up and heavy soiling and helps to ensure that this important piece of equipment will always work perfectly.† The lambda probe guard is made from laser cut, anodised aluminium and is an essential piece of kit for $ $36.22. Available for purchase online from www.touratech.com.au.



Wolfman Rolie Bag

The TE630 just begs for a quick day long blast and with itís extra fuel capacity can quickly get a long way from home. The TE630 doesnít fit under the seat like the 610. We transferred the standard TE630 tools to a Wolfman Tool Roll but when you include puncture repair, pumps, tape, tyre levers, additional tools and spare tubes it gets a little heavy in a pack. Especially when youíre using most of your energy just trying to hang on to this big bore thumper. We used the medium size Rolie Bag with a deluxe mounting kit and weíve found the Rolie Bag is just about 100% water and dust proof. Itís easy adapted to the different bikes we test and is available with range of mounting accessories.

The best part is that the kit fitted securely to the Husqvarna rear rack without any extra straps. The Rolie Bag comes in three sizes and three colour combinations. The medium Rolie Bag we used retails for $69.95 and the Deluxe Strap Kit is only $18.95. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au. Buy securely online or phone 1300 46 66 86.


Plastic Side Cover Pin

The Husqvarna TE630 is a very robust bike but as we have in the past itís the little things that let it down. The pins on the side cover have a sharp edge and are difficult to pull out. So much so the pin actually snapped straight off the inside the cover. Carefully remove the cover and use a file to round off the inner edge of the pin to make it easier to pull out. Be careful not to remove too much material so the cover pops off mid way through a ride.


Touratech Brake Reservoir Guard

Anything to keep vital components protected from impact is a good idea and one component is the rear brake reservoir. It not only protects the rear brake cylinder and also the brake wire is well covered and protected.
Made of laser-cut aluminium itís very easy to install with the guard screwed onto the existing fitting points. Recommended retail price is $49.12 and available from www.touratech.com.au.


TAG Grips

With the Husqvarna TE630ís raw feel you need all the help you can get as far as comfort is concerned. The TAG Rebound technology offers the softest, tackiest compound available. The grip is designed to enable you to ride 40% long before hand fatigue occurs. The grip has strategically placed areas with 40% more cushioning material along the entire shaft of the grip. The grips retail for just $24.95. For more information contact C&R Imports on (03) 9587 5077 or go to www.candr.com.au.

Touratech Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard & Oil Plug

The brake fluid reservoir on the Husqvarna TE630 sort of sit out there on its own and looks vulnerable to stray sticks and rocks that may spear in there on the freak occasion. Anodised in red it also has a tab that prevents the reservoir lid from becoming loose and is a good investment for $44.50.

Touratech also have a high quality aluminium replacement plug for the original oil filler plastic plug. The hexagon socket reliably prevents the oil filler screw from being opened without tools and retails for only $44.07. Available for purchase online from www.touratech .com.au



Touratech Carbon Fibre Sprocket Cover

Carbon-fibre is bling at itís best especially for strength and saving weight. The Carbon-fibre laminate sprocket cover helps prevents mud build up, is lightweight, robust and above all looks cool. It may cost $263.42 but this is one bit of bling you have to put on your wish list. Check it out at www.touratech.com.au.

Husqvarna GPS Holder

The Husqvarna GPS Mount Adapter mounts directly onto the TE630 handlebar clamps. The kit includes two longer handlebar clamp bolts that the laser cut aluminium mount screws onto. This makes it possible to remove the adapter without loosening handlebar clamps. The mount mates perfectly with our Garmin Zumo 550 with its Touratech Lockable Mount (065-0141 Ė not included in this kit)
The Husqvarna GPS Mount adapter retails for $125 and is available from Husqvarna dealers.


Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag

Weíve used the Giant Loop Coyote Bag before and itís a perfect match for the TE630 with enough capacity perfect for a long weekend expedition. This new model has a larger flap covering the bags zip to improve waterproofing. Itís designed and sewn in the U.S.A, has a volume of 30 litres and straps on/off bike in seconds. Itís made of tough trucker tarp material and is easily fitted without any drilling or modification to the bike. It has separate draw string bags inside to make it easy to pack. You can buy online from www.adventuremoto.com.au and retails for just $375.


Pivot Pegz

To get a real grip on this feisty Italian stallion we’ve fitted Australian made Pivot Pegz. They are beautifully engineered and their spring loaded pivot action increases grip and improves rider comfort on a long haul. The Pivot Pegz Mark 2 retail for $199. Check out www.pivotpegz.net for there full range fitment chart.

Wolfman Racks and Bags

If your looking for even more luggage capacity you canít go past Wolfman Expedition Panniers. These bags have repeatedly proved themselves to be waterproof, dust proof and tough as nails. The system offers easy mounting, durable construction and is perfect setup for an aggressive bike like the TE630.

The welded chromoly steel racks are made in Australia with the slotted bolt holes for simple, painless installation. You can also attached Rotopax fuel or water containers to give the TE630 mega fuel range. High grade nuts and bolts for mounting are included and the bags come in yellow/black or all Black. The racks cost $295 and the Expedition Panniers are $269.95. There are rack and pannier kits, the TE630 kit is $544.95) for a wide range of models at AdventureMoto.com.au.


Trail Tech GPS

The Trail Tech GPS is geared more towards a enduro style bike making it perfect for the TE630. It features all GPS functions including Speed, Distance, Compass, Altitude and Temperature. You can view, Organize, Edit and Share Entire Trail Systems in 3D
It has a 240×400 WQVGA LCD which is readable in Intense Sunlight and engine Performance is linked to the GPS Data. It has some impressive mounting options and is crash Resistant. You can Upload Routes from any GPS using the .gpx format.
With Customizable User Screens it is available for a range of Models and is designed to be accurate even in the tightest trails. The unit has an internal battery but can be connect to your bike battery and is back lit for use at night. The kit includes Mounting Hardware, Wheel Sensor, Magnet Kit, and Temperature Sensor.† Available $450 and for your nearest distributor call HoleShot Sports on 03 5433 2559.

TZ_#26_016 copy

Heated Grips

I copped a fair bit of flack because I fitted heated grips to our last TE610 project bike. In an effort to man up I purposely didnít fit hand warmers for our shakedown ride. All I can say is big mistake. Grip Heaters from Ballards Off Road are probably the best all round heated grip kit available. Taunt me as much as you like but heated grips are going on every adventure bike we build. There are a few on the market but these allow you to fit whatever grips you prefer. Grip heaters make a huge difference on cold open stretches and it will be the best $57.95 youíll ever spend. Available for Ballards Offroad. To order just call direct on 02 4731 1210.