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2013 Triumph Explorer 1200

Friday, November 1st, 2013





Heavy Hitter

Big bore multicylinder monsters isnít everybodys mug of joe but if your like chewing up the miles most of the time you may as well armour up for those unexpected hardcore challenges.

Photos by Andrew Clubb†and Lance Turnley





Headlight Protector


Replacing a headlight lenses on any bike is an expensive exercise. If youíre going to do any off-road riding chances are youíll end up with a buddy in front of you and it takes just one rock. The Explorer headlight guard is constructed of injection moulded polycarbonate and is specificied for off road use only. It features convenient quick release mounts offering easy removal for the road. Available from your Triumph dealer for $72.00 and is a necessary investment.

Hand Guards


The Triumph aftermarket handguards are designed to provide protection for the rider’s hands from wind chill and debris but almost no impact protection for the bike controls. Manufactured from durable moulded nylon, Triumph Hand Guards are a popular option if youíre looking for protection just from the elements. At $135 itís a little less expensive than more robust handguards. Available from your Triumph dealer.

Engine Sump Guard


Triumph say that the Ďheavy gauge brushed aluminium Belly Pan designed to compliment the styling of the Tiger Explorerí. It is manufactured from marine grade 5083 alloy and is effective against rocks and debris that could be thrown up from the front wheel. The belly pan has drilled sections giving it a lightweight competition look with etched branding and it is supplied with all mounting hardware. For lightweight off road excursions it sells for $295.00 direct from your Triumph deale

Engine Protection Bars


I didnít really believe in crashbars until I speared of a sandy desert track into some desert scrub. While the bush was parted like the Red Sea the engine bars were bend enough to make me think a hole in the engine case could have been possible. The engine bars are manufactured from 22mm steel tube for optimum strength and finished in durable textured powder coat finish. Supplied complete with all mounting hardware they are a wise investment for $310.00.

Arrow Pipe


A big brute like the Explorer needs to take advantage of any trimming of fat it can. A good place to start is the standard exhaust system, which can amount to huge weight saving especially since buckets of bling will ultimately youíre your mount chubbier. The Arrow performance pipe will save you 2.3 kg and up to 3PS power gain. The high performance Slip-On silencer developed in conjunction with Arrow special parts is constructed of bespoke Titanium Wrap and features genuine carbon fibre end cap and mounting strap. Needless to say it sounds great and is available for $1295.00 from your Triumph dealer.

Triumph Panniers, Mounting Kit and Top Box


For the lightweight adventurer the all new bespoke Triumph luggage system is a viable option for cost effective hard luggage system. The panniers feature high security “one key” locking mechanism, branded brushed aluminium lid covers and fully weatherproof construction. A full floating mounting assembly ensures performance levels are not compromised even when fully loaded. They offer 62 litres of luggage carrying capacity and can accommodate one full-face helmet, which leaves a hand free when youíre off to get a latte. The matching Top Box features a 35 litre capacity and 10kg weight limit and must be installed with A9508162 sliding carriage and together cost $798. At $995.00 for pannier boxes and mounting system from your Triumph dealer itís at the more affordable end of the hard case market.

SW Motech Side Stand Foot


The small foot of the standard side stand provides little support for the mighty Explorer with its small footprint. The SW Motech Side Stand Extension is made of high strength CNC machined aluminum alloy. The larger contact surface prevents sinking in soft ground for the rider that is going to use this bike for true adventure. The Side Stand Extension is silver anodized with the upper mounting plate is powder coated black. Available online from Motorradgarage.com.au for only $69.00.

Touratech Rear Luggage Rack


If soft luggage is your preference and a simple tail bag is your preference then youíll need a larger rear luggage area than standard to mount a soft bag. Touratech offer a larger rear luggage plate that fixes to the smaller standard Explorer rear rack. It provides a much needed extension to the stock luggage rack. The larger platform, and many handy tie-down slots, make this rack the perfect place to strap down all kinds of tail bags, dry bags, and luggage. Made of laser cut aluminum and stainless steel, and then hard anodized satin black, this rack looks great on the tail of the Tiger Explorer 1200. It is very easy and quick to install using the provided mounting hardware and existing mounting points. Made in Germany by Touratech and available in Australia for $162.56 from www.touratech.com.au.

Glenda LED Lights


These were cool on our WR250R project bike but they are the ducks guts on our Triumph Explorer. The best part is that XenonOz supplied us with gunmetal grey shrouds that perfectly matched the colour scheme of the Explorer. The 12 watt, LED Glendas (800 lumen per light on high) make your motorcycle more visible to traffic during the day and at night providing a wide pattern of light adding to side illumination. One of the great feature is that they come with a digital dimmer to adjust the amount of light produced. Excellent for keeping you visible when riding during daylight hours.

For more information and your nearest dealer go to XenonOz at www.xenonoz.com.au

Motorradgarage Light Mounts


We were looking around for a solid mount for our Clearwater LED lights. We decided to mount them off the crashbars so the logical choice was to use SW Motech Universal Light Clamps.

Made of fiber reinforced nylon they include rubber insert adapters for diameter so you can use them on 22 mm, 26 mm, 27 mm and 28 mm diameter bars. When you invest big money in LED lights a mount kit like this makes great sense when moving your LEDs and light mounts to your next bike or other bikes.
Available from Motorradgarage.com.au for a very reasonable $39.00

Madstad Tall Screen


If youíre horizontally challenged then screen height on a Triumph Explorer is not such an issue when it comes to staying out of the weather. However when youíre getting up around six foot plus, which the Explorer is perfect for the bigger bloke, then a taller screen will be on the shopping list.

The MadStad adjustable windshield system for the Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer gives you total control over the shield position and airflow.†The fairing is designed to allow air to scoop up underneath. This eliminates the vacuum behind the shield, which is what causes most the turbulence around the rider. It is fully adjustable so you can set it up to your own height and riding position. The screen mount system is $149.00 and the screen is $180 from wwwmotorradgarage.com.au.

Touratech Zumo 590 Cradle


Weíve been using a Touratech GPS mount for our old Zumo for a number of years and it has never let us down. With Garmin just releasing their new Zumo 590 Touratech have announced their new lockable handlebar GPS mount.

The Zumo 590 LM cradle with power supply is integrated into the Touratech motorbike mount. Inserting the Garmin Zumo into the bracket connects it to the built-in Garmin power supply. The cradle grips the GPS like a hand and clicks securely into place. It comes with a key lock, which can be ordered keyed alike with your existing Touratech accessories. The cradle retails at $268 and is available online from www.touratech.com.au

Motopressor Pocket Pump


With a big bike with big tyres nobody wants to have to inflate them using a hand pump as itíll only result in arm pump. When it comes to tyre repair and keeping your kit to a minimum then the MotoPressor Pocket Pump is ULTRA compact, and only weighs in at only 570g.

Itís built around a custom modified 12 volt inflator and is stripped down to the bare minimum requirement so what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in performance and functionality. The MotoPressorô has a 63cm long inflator hose, with a hands free, lock down delivery valve that fits all bikes and a long 2.65 metre SAE fused power cord that comes with two adaptors.

All this packs small into a heavy duty neoprene pouch which is included in the kit and fits into the palm of your hand. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au for only $49.95



Touratech Headlight Protector


I have to admit, I love Touratech black stainless steel headlight protector. They really look the business and are very effective specially on gravel roads, headlights are always at risk of being damaged by stones thrown up by the bike in front. Trust me I know.

The laser cut lattice work design creates a rugged off-road look and considerably modifies the bikeís appearance matches the style of a touring enduro. It also features a quick release fastener that allows the guard to easily unclip for cleaning. Available from Touratech.com.au for $182.37.

Barkbuster Blizzard


In the last month things have got bitterly cold especially for our mates in the south of the continent. After fitting our VPS Handguards we went straight to the Barkbusters Blizzard which, is the ultimate weather protection handguard and is compatible with your existing VPS backbone. Originally designed for fully-faired sportsbikes, tourers and scooters the weíve found the Blizzard to be a great option for our big bore adventure tourer.

The Blizzard features a windproof and waterproof material that is strong enough to be self-supporting so you can quickly unscrew your VPS plastics and mount the Blizzard over the backbone. We like the way the BBZ handguard envelops the hands while remaining open at the rear.

Available from all good motorcycle accessory dealers for $119.95

SW Motech Crashbars


These Crashbars have a high quality fit and finish and are designed to provide maximum protection around the upper tank area. For the weighty Explorer heavy duty 27mm diameter mild steel is used with high-strength frame mounting points linked cross bar to help distribute the force of an impact. The bars are protected against corrosion by sand blasting and powder coating offering exceptional side impact protection for the radiator.
The SW-Motech Crash bars will fit with our OEM crash bars so for another $299.00 itís a great investment.

SW Motech Skid plate


When you want to take the Explorer sump protection up a notch then it makes sense to upgrade to the SW Motech Skid Plate. Made of 4 mm aluminium plate it provides an effective protection from stone-chipping and collision.
The skid plate has a silver brushed finish and is easily fit with all mounting material and instructions and is only $309.00.

SW Motech Engine Guard Extension


Engine header protection is probably one of the most neglected parts of your engine and one of the most vulnerable. As the name suggests this part acts as an extension of the underbody protection. The extension protects the exhaust manifold with 3 mm brush silver aluminium plate. The installation of the extension is only possible in combination with the SW-MOTECH Crashbar and Engine Guard. The guard comes with all mounting material and installation instructions. Available online for $69.00 from www.motorradgarage.com.au.

Triumph Heated Grips


One of the best features of the Triumph Explorer is itís 950W Alternator which one of the most powerful for this class. Itís designed to power everything from lights to GPS and communication systems while recharging onboard devices. If youíre up for riding in all conditions then you have to have Triumphs factory heated grips. With two heat settings these grips will keep the palm of your hands as warm as toast. Available from your Triumph dealer for $270.05.

Barkbuster VPS Handguards


The Triumph Explorer comes with plastic handguards off the showroom floor that protect you from the elements but with a big bike like this you need a backbone to protect your levers. Australian made Barkbusters have a model specific kit for the 1200. The basic kit (BHG47-NP) is the backbone and mounting hardware giving you the choice of either VPS plastics that come in a range of colours or Storm plastics that give you greater protection from the elements.

The VPS plastics include Variable Height Wind Deflector for extra protection from the elements. Storm plastics are larger than the VPS and wrap around the hand further to offer greater protection from the elements. The aerodynamic design directs wind and rain away from the hands to help keep them warm in cold conditions. The basic kit retails for $121.95 with plastics extra. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.

SW-Motech Foot Pegs.


These quality stainless-steel foot pegs by SW-Motech are 60 mm wide, feature CNC machined alloy brackets for fitment to just about any adventure tourer. They have two different mount heights, which give you a difference of 15 mm, making the transition from seating to standing a breeze and can also aid in ground clearance issues. The top plate features a aggressive looking treat pattern with a couple of different outlines that are sure to keep your boots on the pegs in greasy conditions. There’s a sturdy rubber insert for the top of the peg that help absorb some of the vibration and are a little softer to stand on for longer periods.

Check out www. motorradgarage.com.au where youíll find it for $159.00

Giant Loop Great Basin Saddle Bag


The new 2014 Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag is an excellent luggage solution for a large bike like the Explorer. It is now 100% waterproof with a set of 3 internal seam-sealed, roll top waterproof Dry Pods which are included with the bag. The 60 litre bag is positioned where the passenger would sit on your bike and the Adventure Proof Great Basin Saddlebag fits virtually any motorcycle designed to carry a passenger. The bag straps securely to the passenger footrest mounts and rides on pillion seat. Priced at $590.00 itís backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

The bag comes with a Hot Springs Heat Shield to protect the exhaust from abrasion and protect paint work youíd be advised to buy Giant Loops Protective film kits for $32.00. Available online from AdventureMoto.com.au.

Enduristan Sandstorm 2 Enduro Tank Bag


For a big bike like the Explorer weíve fitted a Endurastan Sandstorm 2 Enduro Tank Bag. It expands from 13-20 litres and features a removeable A4 size map holder big enough for a days trip notes or a copy of Trailzone Magazine. The bag features external Side and internal organizers and its red interior - makes looking inside and finding items much easier. It also features an internal removeable stash pouch that can clip to your belt for security.

It has weatherproof welded construction using 420D Nylon fabric with TPU-coating & YKK weatherproof zips. The bag also comes with quick detachable carry handles and shoulder straps and ROK Strap tensioned side straps for a firm secure fit.
The Sandstorm 2 Enduro fits many bikes and spare optional harness kits are available. The Sandstorm 2 Enduro is competitively priced at $240.00. www.motorcycleadventure.com.au

Torxing Tools


Like any OEM tool kit the Explorer comes with the absolute minimum yet there is adequate space under the seat to carry so much more. Like the BMW the Explorer uses Torx head fasteners so a Cruztools Roadtech B1 is a great foundation for a comprehensive tool kit. With the space available under the pillion passenger seat you can afford to load up with tubeless repair kits and air compressor. The Cruztools Roadtech B1 tool kit sells online for $192.45.

Check out a wide range of tools at www.motorcycletools.com.au

3BR DIN 4165 Plug USB Charger


The Triumph Explorer comes standard with a DIN 4165 socket just infront of the fuel tank so it provides an easy power source for various devices. The DIN to USB cable can plug straight into the Triumph socket with the USB outlet mounted on the handlebars using the Universal Mounting System. A tethered seal cap protects the power port from dust and water.

This compact, easy to mount USB Power Port will charge USB accessories including mobile phones, most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. Some of these devices can be keep in your tank bag and run your USB cable to your USB plug.
Available online from Adventuremoto.com.au for only $53.96



2014 Triumph Explorer 1200

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Big bore multicylinder monsters isnít everybody’s cup†of joe but if your like chewing up the miles most of the time you may as well armour up for those unexpected hardcore challenges.




  • Headlight Protector
  • Triumph Handguards
  • Engine Sump Guard
  • Engine Protection Bars
  • Tank Protector
  • Arrow Pipe
  • Triumph Panniers, Mounting Kit and Top Box
  • SW Motech Side Stand Foot
  • Touratech Rear Luggage Rack
  • Glenda LED Lights
  • Motorradgarage Light Mounts
  • VPS Handguards





  • Madstad Tall Screen
  • Touratech Zumo 590 Cradle
  • Motopressor Pocket Pump
  • Touratech Headlight Protector
  • Barkbuster Blizzard Handguards
  • SW Motech Crashbars
  • SW Motech Engine Guard Extension
  • Triumph Heated Grips
  • SW-Motech Foot Pegs
  • Giant Loop Great Basin Saddle Bag
  • Enduristan Sandstorm 2 Enduro Tank Bag
  • Torxing Tools
  • 3BR DIN 4165 Plug USB Charger





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