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Dualsport Australia Navigation DVD Vol. 1

Let’s face it. The most valuable currency in dual sports riding is routes. There are a few individuals out there that have done the work but sharing routes takes even more work.
Well now some of the best routes are available and Martyn Blake has published his first DVD on his New South Wales Great Divide routes. From Moonan Flats north of the Hunter district all the way to Woodenbong just south of the Queensland border Martyn has mapped out 2000 kilometres of roads.

The DVD includes maps and GPS data plus nav box compatible, turn-by-turn route sheets for those who aren’t that technically inclined. Google map links, food, fuel and accommodation information plus some of the data is smartphone compatible. In addition to that Martyn gives you an idea of what to expect by including stories and images to get you motivated to take on the ride.

Vince Strang Motorcycles has been a big supporter of compiling these routes so you know that these routes will be pretty good. The disk is PC compatible but a reasonable tech savvy individual with a Mac will be able to find the data they need. Needless to say Martyn provides contact details for technical support. For only $29.95 it’s an absolute bargain.