Post-Apocalyptic Ténérés

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Vehicles from the new Mad Max Fury Road were on display today ranging from trucks, sedans, pick-ups and motorbikes. In particular were two almost unrecognisable Yamaha XT660Z Ténérés.

It's no surprise really, with the XT660Z's indestructible reputation (except if your initials are TB) but these Ténérés are nothing like the farkled examples you'd see today. It's obvious that in a war torn future the Ténéré nylon plastic tank will be replaced with something more robust and have more chance withstanding gun fire, harpoons and flamethrowers.

Other than two Ténérés the bike fleet featured two heavily modified Yamaha R1's and a YZ450F with dual fork front suspension.

The promotion also featured some extraordinary cars including the Razor Cola, an XB Ford Falcon Coupe; The Giga-Horse, a twin 1959 Cadillac Devilles; The Doof Wagon, an 8x8 M.A.N Missile Carrier and The Nuxcar, a Chevrolet five-door coupe.

However, the centrepiece was the impressive War Rig, a bastardized Czechoslovakian Tatra and Chev Fleetmaster. A six-wheel drive 18-wheeler powered by twin V8 engines end-to-end, this fortified war machine with the soul of a hot rod has an elephantine scoop on the front and a massive double-payload of fuel tanks.

Four time Mr Motocross, multi-Australian motocross champion and now keen adventure bike rider Stephen Gall was the motorcycle stunt rider Motorcycle Specialist Team co-ordinator bringing on board motocrosser Cody Mackey, Robbie Marshall, Michael Addison and Trials Champion Rob Jones. At this promotion Yamaha Stunt Rider Dave McKenna made an appearance and could possibly feature in another sequel. According to Gally it was the most incredible experience he'd ever had. 'To spend nine months in Namibia in South Africa with such a professional crew was the experience of a lifetime.'

If you haven't already check out one on the many film trailers.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD will be released in Australian and New Zealand cinemas on May 14, 2015 and is rated MA15+.


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