Scaggs Moto Designs Rear Luggage Racks

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AdventureMoto's latest new product are the Scaggs Moto Designs rear luggage racks from the USA. Scaggs is a relatively new player in the market and its creator, who is a pure enthusiast, has designed a very cool rack with a professional black anodised finish.

Racks are available for the Yamaha WR250R, Suzuki Dr250, 350 and DR650SE. In fact, I think DR650SE owners will love this rack. The Kawasaki KLX250S and CRF250L is also catered for.

The racks can also be easily fitted with Rotopax mounts to carry extra fuel or water and Givi box mounts. Most racks come in two sizes and the smaller racks are perfect for the Wolfman Tail Bag.

While the XT660Z isn't available in the USA commissioned Scaggs to design a rack for the Yamaha Ténéré which comes in an ADV and a MEGA ADV rack to cater for the large Adv tail bags.

It's early days and stock is limited so check out the Scaggs Moto Designs at

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