BMW Safari Enduro Near Miss

This years BMW Safari Enduro was fantastic. This is the gopro moment of the entire trip from Carl's R1200GS #BMWSafariGSE15

Posted by Glen Hyatt on Saturday, May 16, 2015

The wide open expanse of the Australian Outback invites wide open throttle riding. Like any country though, there is always the wildlife to be wary of that, when startled, will run right out in front of you.

Speaking from personal experience Australian Emus have to be the worst. Coming over a rise three grazing emus 300 metres to my right took off and headed towards me on a perfect intercept course to pass directly in front of me.

However, when they emerge from behind roadside scrub and you're travelling at 100kph there is no time to react. One thing I do know is that an Emu can kill a BMW R1200GS bending crashers and tearing off radiators.

BMW Safari Enduro rider Carl Green has to be the luckiest rider on the Safari by threading the needle between two Emus in the outback at high speed.

Nice one Carl.

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