2010 Yamaha WR250R

Lightweight Contender

We’ve been trying to figure out whether the Yamaha WR250R could be turned into an adventure bike you could take seriously. For the long hauls you need tougher tyres, more carrying capacity plus a few changes to make it more compatible with the open road and the hazards that may lay ahead. We reckon the Yamaha WR250R could make a great a mini adventurer. Is there Tenere DNA in the WR’s veins?

Photos by Trail Zone Magazine and Lance Turnley

WRWolfmanRacks Pack For The Long Haul

A real adventure bike needs to have the capacity to carry everything you need for at least a three to five day haul. We found the Wolfman rack system so good on our DR650SE project bike we got pretty excited when we found out the same racks are available for the Yamaha WR250R we couldn’t go past them. However this time we fitted Wolfman Tetons Saddle Bags that clip straight on. The racks can double as utility racks where you can attach a fuel or water container and are constructed with chromoly steel. The set includes racks, bags and instructions for easy installation. Available for $550 from www.adventuremoto.com.au.

Double Take Mirrors

While the WR makes a great enduro bike we needed to find a legal solution for long road sections when it comes to proper rear view mirrors. Double Take mirrors provide a perfect solution for both enduro/trail and adventure bikes when riding those pesky transport sections. The design allows the mirror to be fitted to almost any bike using a RAM mount system and can be easily folded away when the risk of damage is high. The mirror is only $35.00 plus mounting assembly. You can build your own mirror and is available from Adventuremoto.com.au.

Back to Taller Gearing

GearingWhile the GYT-R lightweight 44 tooth rear sprocket is the go for enduro riding with a healthy sprinkling of single trail it will hurt your top speed. We’re going back to the to the standard 43 tooth rear sprocket for a better all round dual sports riding which the WR250R is designed for. For the dual sports rider this is one less cost to worry about.

Pivot Pegz

Standard WR250R footpegs will not cut the mustard for comfort on a long ride. We fitted the new Pivot Pegz® Mark 3 on the WR. At 60mm wide they are the widest footpeg on the market and the pivot action enables more of the peg to be in contact with the sole of your foot meaning more control and more comfort. The Mark 3 Pivot Pegz® incorporates new heavy duty, long life springs and they come with a lifetime warranty. Made in Australia. Available to suit a huge range of motorcycles. The retail price is $239.00 incl GST. For more information go to www.pivotpegz.net.

Mitas Tyres

A bike as nimble as the WR250R is right at home in all condition with full knobby tyres. However, if you’re going to be pulling long k’s they’ll flatten out across the middle of tyre from the long straights.  We fitted the Mitas Enduro E-09 after the Mitas Dakars wore so well on the tyre spinning Husky TE610 project bike. We fitted a 90/90-21 up front and a 110/80-18 on the rear. For your nearest Mitas dealer call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559.

Radiator Guard

RadGuardEven though the Safari tank offers protection for the WR’s radiator it’s still vulnerable from rocks especially if your mate on a 650 is trying to roost you. B&B Off Road make a radiator guard that protects the radiator from sticks and rocks. It also helps resist crushing from side impact when running the standard tank and radiator cowls. We also fitted a Brake Master Cylinder Guard to protect from side impacts. The B&B Off Road Radiator guard is only $135.00 and the Master Cylinder Guard is $38.00 when you buy it from B&B Off Road online store. For more information go to www.bboffroad.com.au or phone 03 5335 8099.

Barkbusters VPS Handguards

WRBarkbustersAs an adventure tourer the Ego handguards don’t offer enough protection from the elements. We swapped them out for another great Barkbuster product the VPS handguard its adjustable wind deflector. We mount the wind deflectors in the highest position for maximum wind protection on the open road. The VPS is available in a wide range of colours to suit most popular bikes. The VPS handguards retail at $105.00 and the mounting hardware is $65.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.

Rear Plate Hanger

WRRearHangerWhen covering longer miles, chances are you’ll have more chance of coming under the scrutiny of officials in some shape or form. For that reason we fitted a B&B Off Road Rear Number Plate Hanger. The backing for the number plate is the full width of the plate insuring against accidental bending. It also hangs a little lower and at a steeper angle making it easier to read and less likely to attract attention. It also gives a bit of space to fit a number plate light. Available from B&B Off Road for only $78.00.

Adventure Screen

WRscreenThe WR250R is designed for trail and enduro action, which means the rider is exposed when it comes to racking up big miles on adventure rides. So we had another go at making a custom screen to make transport miles more pleasurable. Made from 3mm poly cut to shape, we used pieces of wood held in place by G clamps and then grabbed a heat gun to
create the folds required to match the headlight shroud. Then we took a few screws and a bit of aluminium we had laying around the ORE Garage and mounted it to the headlight. The end result was almost as good as a bought one!

Garmin Zumo 220 GPS

WRGPS220The Garmin Zumo 220 GPS is the little brother of the popular Zumo 550 and 660 GPSs and shares many of their great features. It has Bluetooth wireless technology, which offers spoken directions via your headset, which is great for finding your accommodation at the end of the day. It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with ‘HotFix’ that delivers faster satellite acquisition times. There’s a high-resolution, glovefriendly 3.5-inch touch-screen display and the unit features a rugged, waterproof design that is resistant to fuel sprays and UV rays. The 220 also offers turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names. We like the motorcycle console for trip information, including a digital fuel gauge to warn you when it’s time to fill up, plus there’s an accurate speedo and a trip computer that records mileage, max speed and total time travelled. There’s also advanced route preview and trip logs, with up to ten saved routes. The 220 also has a removable lithium-ion battery that offers up to eight hours depending on usage. The Garmin Lock antitheft feature is included, plus you get simplified PC connectivity using USB mass storage. Priced at $649, the Garmin Zumo 220 is available from GPSOZ – call (02) 9999 2313 or go to www.gpsoz.com.au.

Wolfman Rolie Bags

Wolfman_0040 RolieTankWe were impressed with the Wolfman Expedition bags we used our Suzuki DR650SE Project Bike, but with the lightweight WR250R we suspected the same system might be a bit too much for a small-bore machine. Wolfman have now come up with the perfect luggage solution for smallbore bikes like the WR-R: their new Rolie bags offer superior protection against the elements and allow you to personalise your kit. This means you can carry the gear you need, the way you like to carry it. On top of that, you can meet your changing needs by using different mounting options. You can use any size Rolie bag as a rear rack bag today, then mount it on your tank tomorrow, or use two as a pair of saddle bags. For the WR-R, we went for a small Rolie bag as a tank bag with a map pocket, a medium Rolie bag as a tail bag and two large Rolie bags as saddle bags. You should also check out the rear soft tail and saddle bag mounting option for enduro bikes. The Rolie bags are available in black, yellow/ black and orange/black colourways, come with basic mounting straps and you can add capacity by strapping a small Rolie bag atop a large Rolie bag. Wolfman Rolie bags are available securely online from the crew at AdventureMoto.com.au or phone them on 1300 46 66 86.

Rear Disk Guard

SharkToothWith a bike as nimble as the WR250R, you will always be tempted to take on the most challenging of trails. On trails like this, littered with rocks, logs and obstacles, the chance of damage is high, especially to lowslung components, such as the rear disc. To avoid a dinged disc, we fitted a GYTR rear disc guard. Anodised blue, it’s a nice piece of
bling that performs a serious function. The disc guard is priced at $187.50 and is available from Yamaha dealers or the http://yshop. yamaha-motor.com.au web site.

DeVol Lowering Link

Link_0056The WR250R does sit tall in the tail, and when you start loading it up adventure trail rides, a high centre of gravity is nobody’s friend. To get the seat height down, this anodised aluminium lowering link from DeVol will drop the WR-R’s saddle by 38mm. The DeVol link lightweight, stronger than stock and our experience in the past has been that the lower centre of gravity greatly improves handling, especially in tight, technical singletrack
sections. Best of all, it means you can get your feet planted flat on the ground! The DeVol link is priced at $199 and available from Ballards Off-Road – call (02) 4731 1210.

TAG Grips & Ballards Grip Heaters

Tag_Grips HeatedGrips

We’ve become big fans of TAG Rebound grips for bikes that will be doing big miles. The grips are priced at $24.95 and feature strategically placed cushioning material that offers more comfort for your hands and fingers. Try a set: they’re available from bike shops everywhere. While fitting the grips, we also installed a set of Ballard’s grip heaters for ultimate mid-winter comfort. They cost just $57.95 and come with high/ low settings. Call Ballard’s on (02) 4731 1210 to order.

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