2011 BMW F800GS

Bavarian Blaster

When it comes to adventure bikes BMW has a legend status. With mid weight 800cc class dual sport bikes on the market we get the opportunity to see the F800 GS true potential as we prepare for the BMW GS Safari.

Photos by Lance Turnley

There are a whole range of trick bits available for the F800GS but the surprising thing is the hunger you develop for all things BMW and being corporate. It started with the GS cap and you can’t ride a GS in anything but a BMW Rally Pro suit. This has been accompanied by a strange urge to wear a collared shirt and tie just in case I have to drop in on a board meeting. Next thing you know I’m buying a new tow vehicle. I opted for the six series coupé as it will be easier to spot amongst the X-5’s that frequent my local café to pick up my double decaf homo mocha soy latté before my next corporate engagement.


Nevertheless we’ve fitted a ton of goodies for the F800GS and we started with what your BMW dealer can fit you out with straight from the showroom floor and into the Australian Outback.

BMW Tank bag

The BMW Tank has a expandable capacity from approximately 12 to 17 litres and has zip open side pockets. It is waterproof and is large enough for a A4 sized map pocket on top and has a patented cradle for mobile phone or other electronic devices.

It has a variable insert with an adjustable outer rim with a Velcro fastener to set the width. Within that is adjust Velcro dividers and an adjust cover with a drawstring top to help keep out moisture. Available from your BMW dealer for $340.


BMW Engine Protection Crash Bars

Made from sturdy stainless-steel tube construction the BMW Engine Protection Bars not only protect the engine from impact but also support the whole bike in the event of a fall on uneven ground protecting other parts of the bike.

Available from all BMW dealers for $575.


BMW Alloy Bash Guard

The BMW Engine Guard Hard prevents stones from penetrating the oil reservoir (I’ve seen it happen) and damaging the engine cases in the event of bottoming out and impacts. For the F800GS it’s probably the most important aftermarket accessory you should have. If you are planning to ride anywhere off road then a bash plate is highly recommended. Available from your BMW dealer for $383 and it’s well worth the investment.

BMW Hand Guards

The F800 GS like most adventure bikes isn’t lightweight so in the unlikely event of a fall the first to get damaged are the controls. The BMW Hand Guards are closed loops made of high-strength electro polished steel. They have wind deflectors made of robust, shatterproof polyamide plastic protecting both your hands and bike controls.

Available from your BMW dealer for $241.


BMW Headlight Protector

The BMW Headlight Guard protects your F800GS headlights against flying stones. The clear shield is made of shatterproof Plexiglas. The snap lock system enables easy attachment and removal for cleaning and maintenance. Available from your BMW dealer for $130.


BMW Low Seat

It’s an option I always request for an adventure bike. When you’re loaded up it helps to be able to plant your feet firmly on the ground when you pull up or trying to negotiate a technical section. It’s the sort of situation when you come across a fallen tree and you have to detour over difficult ground to circumnavigate the obstacle. I also find the lower seat is a lot more comfortable than standard. The great thing about buying a BMW low seat is that it is a factory option and when ordered from the factory it won’t cost you any extra. However if you do need to buy the lower seat as an optional extra the price is $460.

Wolfman Soft Luggage System

The 2010 Wolfman Side Racks are designed as a system with Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags or Teton Saddle Bags.

The system offers easy mounting, durable construction; appropriate for the most aggressive conditions and works well with the Wolfman proprietary oval-shape with 4 attachment points, for the most secure soft luggage mounting available. This kit also includes a rear cross brace for extra strength and increased load capacity.

These racks can double as utility racks to fit on a fuel or water containers. They are made of welded steel and chromoly steel with slotted bolt holes for simple, painless installation.

High grade nuts and bolts for mounting are supplied with the kit.  The complete system of racks and Expedition Dry Pannier Bags shown here are $ $579.95 and available from AdventureMoto.com.au online or call 1300 46 66 86.


Rear Shock Bracket and High Tensile Bolt Kit

Made from high grade billet aluminium the F800GS Rear Shock Bracket is designed to help brace and strengthen of the rear shock top bolt. This kit also comes with a high tensile replacement for the standard BMW bolt. It distributes the load and will reduce the chance of a bent or broken shock bolt. It is the best value kit of it’s kind at only $95. Highly recommended for long trips especially when carrying a fully laden luggage system. Available online from AdventureMoto.com.au or call 1300 46 66 86.


AltRider Side Stand Foot

Since we are heading out to the desert for five days I’m expecting to see a bit of sand. Not like the massive dunes of the Dakar but enough to allow the side stand to sink into the ground and up end like a beached whale. The AltRider Side Stand Foot for the BMW F 800 GS provides a larger footprint to support the weight of your bike on soft ground. $69.95 is a small price to pay to avoid back injury.

Made from hefty 1/8 inch stainless steel, this foot features a 3D tread that provides traction for your boots. The AltRider foot also clamps down on the actual foot of the side stand with Torx fasteners, which means it will remain tight even after months of use. No more rattling or stripped fasteners. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au


Touratech Aluminium Guard for Brake Fluid Container Handlebars

Ever had a brake fluid cap go missing? It’s not much fun especially with BMW dealers few and far between. The Brake Oil Reservoir is very vulnerable and the guard will prevent tampering, and offers protection to the container from flying stones. Available from Tourtech Australia online for $54.91.


Trail Tech Equinox LED Lights

These black anodized case LED lights have a 35mm round post mount. Helmet, handlebar and flat surface mounts are also available. They have a three position dimmer on/off switch at the back of the light casing. The great thing about that is that you can set the lights to 12W, 6W or 3W. Excellent for increasing your visibility in traffic at 3W then ramping it up to 12W when you really need to light up the road. Each unit weighs 167g, the front lens is hardened glass with the beam colour at 6300K. For your nearest distributor call Holeshot Sports on 03 5433 2559.

3BR USB Power Outlet

This compact, easy to mount USB Power Port is the answer for powering and charging your USB accessories including cell phones, most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. It mounts easily to any surface using the Universal Mounting System. A tethered seal cap protects the power port from dust and water when not in use. AdventureMoto has a range of powered device options for most mobile phones and electronic devices. The Tapp Lite is only $44.45 and is available online from www.adventuremoto.com.au


Barrett Performance Pipe

The slip style muffler has two adventages other than increased performance. The Barrett pipe is much lighter than the stock unit and is less expense to repair or replace than the stock BMW unit. All of their exhaust systems are hand TIG welded and feature a removable tea strainer baffle as well as a unique ribbed billet end cap which is easily removed to simplify repacking. The slip on cannister is fabricated out of aluminium, and contains a stainless core surrounded by muffler packing and steel wool. The end cap begins as a solid block of alloy and is individually carved out in their onsite CNC machine.

The Barrett Slip On pipe for the BMW F800GS is $595 and includes delivery within Australia. Go to www.barrettexhausts.com.au.


Motion Pro Torx Kit

Unlike other manufacturers BMW don’t supply a basic tool kit with their bikes. That normally wouldn’t be too big a problem but BMWs use Torx head fasteners throughout their bikes rendering most basic bike tools useless. If your looking to cover yourself with your regular bike tools then a Motion Pro Torz kit will go a long way to help that. The kit includes T-25, T-27, T-30, T-40, T-45, T-50 wrenches  and features 180 degree swivel heads with extra long handle for accessing hard to reach places, heat treated alloy tool steel and chrome plated finish.

It comes in a heavy duty folding canvas storage pouch and takes up less storage space than a typical hex key set. It costs $145 and is available from www.adventuremoto.com.au or call 1300 86 66 46.

Touratech Fairing

If it’s one thing the F800GS Lacks is an effective fairing. Touratech have naturally come to the rescue with the Desierto Fs screen The screen can be fitted easily and has an infinite variety of adjustment options.  This enables air flow and annoying wind noise can be practically eliminated for any individual with the height and inclination of the screen adjusted as well as the distance from the fairing . Adjustments can be done easily in a few seconds with a standard size 6 open ended spanner.

The whole assembly retails for $1 072.82 and is available from online from www.touratech.com.au.


Touratech Steel Headlight Protector

When you own a Beemer you tend to ride with other Beemers and if you’ve ever followed a fellow F800GS  or R1200GS they can chuck rocks the size of house bricks. Touratechs Steel Headlight protector is the ultimate rock guard for your expensive BMW headlight assembly. It consists of a strong corrugated grid that is welded directly to the frame, and is completely powder-coated. It gives your F800GS that ‘conquering Africa’ look and is attached directly to the headlight bracket of your BMW. The Steel headlight is a great investment and available online from Touratech Australia for $140.38.

Altrider Luggage Rack

AltRider make some beautiful engineered parts for most adventure bikes. Their F800 GS Rear Luggage Rack is made from strong 4.75 mm black powder coated aluminum and features side flanges for extra strength, it’s and can carry a wide range of luggage options. The rack is uniquely designed with a variety of cut-outs, so you can easily attach your bags with anything from straps to bungee cords to tie downs. An interface for the Givi Monokey systems is also available, allowing attachment with a mount kit that is sold separately.  Available from AdventureMoto.com.au for $169.95


Altrider Radiator Guard

The AltRider Radiator Guard for the BMW F 800 GS offers serious protection of your vulnerable radiator. Made with 1.5 mm anodized aluminum, it replaces the OEM guard for a stronger solution. Louvers deflect kicked up debris, and the fins are designed to direct air toward the radiator to keep it cool.

The AltRider Radiator Guard attaches with OEM mount points and hardware, and is the only guard currently available that utilizes the lower middle mount to provide increased strength and protection.  The AltRider Radiator Guard is only $90.95 and is available from AdventureMoto.com.au


Touratech Seat

This seat significantly increases seating comfort, especially on long stretches over the standard height seat. The reason is the ultra-elastic yet strong outer material, which makes the padding even more efficient. The integrated recess relieves the pressure on the coccyx and distributes the drivers weight over the whole seat. Thanks to the offset seams on the side and slim shape of the seat, there is no pressure against the thighs. It’s available from Touratech Australia for $777.08 and if you’re planning on riding endless days in the saddle it’s worth the investment.


Storm Handguards

The standard BMW handguards offered great impact protection but the small plastic blades offered minimal protection from the elements. We went straight to the Australian made Sotm Handsgaurds by Barkbusters.

It’s a favourite of ours the plastic guard is much larger and is great value compared to the BMW accessory handguard. The F800GS Barkbuster kit is available for $129.95 including the backbone and mounting hardware with the Storm plastics costing $46.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.


Pivot Pegz MarkIII with Toppers

We’ve used the Pivot Pegz MarkII and Mark III on previous project bikes and they have never failed to out perform the standard foot peg. Pivot Pegz have gone one better with creating the new Pivot Pegz Toppers.

For the adventure rider the foot peg provides a wider flat platform with reduced vibration and extra comfort whilst still having openings large enough to allow mud/dirt to pass through.

The Pivot Pegz MarkIII retail for $239.00 and the  Pivot Pegz Toppers are $29.95. For your nearest retailer go to www.pivotpegz.net.


Unifilter Air Filter System

The Unifilter dual pod foam filter has internal support springs and polyurethane flange.  The kit comes with two precleaners and reuseable cable ties for fixing to airbox snorkel inlet.  The precleaners provide added filtration and protection in off road conditions which is far superior than the standard paper filter especially in Australian conditions. The design of the prefilters make it easy to remove and clean. The Unifilter unit can be purchased and fitted by your BMW dealer. (Part No. NU-7305KIT) The complete kit is $82.50 and is available from your BMW Dealer or Unifilter Australia. For more information go to www.uniflow.com.au.


BMW Tools

When we took delivery of our F800GS we spent most of the day looking for a secret compartment that contained the tool kit. Even in the well-equipped ORE Garage we had no Torx tools so fitting our new parts was a problem. A quick phone call to BMW revealed that the F800GS doesn’t come with a kit and that you can purchase one from your dealer.

Our own BMW Tool Kit finally did arrive and it’s typical of what you would expect from BMW. It’s super lightweight and from what I can tell has every fitting you need to make any adjustment all the way through to removing the rear wheel. (PN 71 60 7 720 256). The BMW Tool Kit retails $287.00 and is available from your local BMW Dealer.


Touratech Oil Reservoir Guard

The brake fluid reservoir on the F800GS is almost unprotected. In the event of a fall on rocky ground an obstacle can protrude into the frame and break off the fragile plastic oil reservoir. The guard also prevents tampering with the reservoir cover. Fits also to the 2001-2007 single-cylinder BMW F 650 GS and is available online from Touratech Australis for $59.94. Go to www.touratech.com.au

AltRider Regulator Guard

It’s important to protect your voltage regulator with the AltRider Voltage Regulator Guard. The guard is made with 3 mm anodized aluminum, and it’s designed with louevers that direct air toward the heat sink, cooling it off so it can perform more efficiently. It mounts using OEM mounting points, and comes with stainless steel fasteners that mount flush to prevent snagging on your pants or boot. It’s available from Adventuremoto.com.au for only $90.95 and is also available in black.


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