2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC

Like A Tiger

We all thought Triumph had well and truly lost its way with the 1050 Tiger. But then Triumph came back with a left field package that works and has really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Photos by Andrew Clubb and Lance Turnley

Triumph Bash Plate


The standard sump guard on the Tiger is pretty minimal and doesn’t provide any front protection. The Tiger goes surprising hard through the bush so the chance of rocks piercing the cases is highly likely. Triumph have a bash plate for the Tiger made form 3mm alloy that mounts directly to the engine but in such a way that any impact won’t punch the mounts through the cases. Priced at $235.00 it’s available from your Triumph dealer.

Arrow Pipe


In this day and age performance pipes do a better job of keeping the noise at an acceptable level. The Tiger 800XC has a great exhaust note and the Arrow pipe just makes it a little knarlier without being offensive. From what we know it provides 2 to 3 horsepower more across the board and like any other quality exhaust system will give you significant weight savings over the standard unit. Available from your Triumph dealer for $1095.00

Triumph Crash Bars


Triumph have been clever by designing and fitting economical and easy to replace unpainted plastics on vunerable areas around the tank and radiator shrouds. Nevertheless that doesn’t help the engine when it comes to heavy impacts to the side of the engine.

Triumph have their own crashbars constructed of 20mm steel tube protecting the lower engine cases from big impacts like large rocks and tree stumps. Recommended retail price is $306.00 from your Triumph dealer.

Strike Genius GPS


As you’ll read in our Old Bulls Trail Ride story the Strike GPS proved its worth. The unit itself comes with it’s own Bluetooth in helmet speaker so you can hear clear navigational instructions from the unit. However we combined it with an Interphone Stereo F4 headset so we can connect to a Bluetooth phone a take advantage of the Strike MP3 player feature. While on the subject you won’t get headphone clarity but with a good quality well fitting helmet navigation is clear and the music is audible enough to hear some tunes.

As for navigation the HEMA 4x4 Maps worked very well on gazetted tracks and gave adequate warning to intersections just as effectively as city maps. The Strike Genius is available for $499 which is pretty good value for what you get so go to www.strike.com.au.

Heated Grips


One of the best features of the Triumph Tiger is it’s 645W Alternator, one of the most powerful for this class and designed to power everything from lights to GPS and communication systems while recharging onboard devices. Nevertheless if you’re planning on riding all year round you have to fit Triumphs Heated Grips. With two heat settings these grips will keep the palm of your hands as warm as toast. Available from your Triumph dealer for $270.05.

AltRider Rack


The AltRider Luggage Rack for the Triumph Tiger 800 is manufactured from 4.75mm thick anodized aluminum, it incorporates side flanges for extra strength and rigidity. The strategic cut-outs provide places to lash down your load with anything from straps to bungee cords to tie downs. All cut-outs feature a premium CNC routered edge to provide a smooth and a clean finish. We’ve never had a problem securing any luggage to the AltRider luggage plate and for us they are the preferred option. Not just because they work well but they also fit the lines of the bike and doesn’t look like an oversize table top when you’re not carrying a load.

The AltRider Luggage Rack interfaces with the Givi Monokey system mount kit and the rack also provides an interface with the Rotopax Fuel Pack system, so you can easily bring extra fuel, water or tools. Available from www.adventuremoto.com.au for $179.95

Wolfman Racks


These Wolfman Gen 2 Racks have to be the most versatile on the market. Firstly the new Gen 2 design has laser cut tabs allowing easy fitting of either Expedition Dry Saddle Bags or Teton Saddle Bags and includes a cross brace to carry heavier loads. With Wolfmans mount kit you can also carry Rotopax containers and they now have a mounting kit for Pelican hard cases.

So the advantage of such a strong versatile system is a variety of carrying capacity with either soft or hard luggage options for tarmac or off-road touring. Available from www.adventuremoto.com.au for $395.00

Wolfman Expedition Saddle Bags


The Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags are designed to be durable and 100% waterproof using 22 ounce and 34 ounce vinyl and use cutting edge Radio Frequency technology for completely sealed seams. The Saddle Bags have two straps over the seat and each bag attaches to the Wolfman Side Rack with four points for maximum hold. The mounting straps double as compression straps to keep the load attached and tight. The bags have an internal Butterfly stiffener, stiff back, bottom and front, which helps the bag retain shape and allows the load to be compressed tightly. A replaceable non-skid rubber pad on the bike-side of the bag prevents excessive bag movement and protects the bag from vibration abrasion. We use them again and again because they are the best soft bags on the market. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au for $269.95.

Headlight Protector


The Tiger 800XC has an excellent twin headlight system but like any other off-road motorcycle headlight is vulnerable to rock impact especially when your mates are roosting you. Triumph have there own plastic headlight protector and should be the first thing you fit to your Tiger if you’re planning to hit the dirt.
It’s only $72.00 for your Triumph motorcycle dealer.

VPS Handguards


The Triumph Tiger comes with plastic handguards that do a good job of protecting from the elements but lack a backbone in the event of a heavy impact. Australian made Barkbusters have a model specific kit for the Tiger 800XC. The basic kit (BHG43-NP) is the backbone and mounting hardware giving you the choice of either VPS plastics that come in a range of colours or Storm plastics that give you greater protection from the elements.

The VPS plastics include Variable Height Wind Deflector for extra protection from the elements. Storm plastics are larger than the VPS and wrap around the hand further to offer greater protection from the elements. The aerodynamic design directs wind and rain away from the hands to help keep them warm in cold conditions. The basic kit retails for $121.95 with plastics extra. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.

SW-Motech Foot Pegs


These quality stainless-steel foot pegs by SW-Motech are 60 mm wide, feature CNC machined alloy brackets for fitment to just about any adventure tourer. They have two different mount heights, with a difference of 15 mm which aids ground clearance issues. The top plate features a aggressive looking treat pattern with a couple of different outlines that are sure to keep your boots on the pegs in greasy conditions. There's a sturdy rubber insert for the top of the peg that help absorb some of the vibration. Check out www. motorradgarage.com.au where you’ll find it for $159.00

Motion Pro Tools


The standard Triumph Tiger tool kit is pretty basic. It lacks a hex tool to remove the front wheel and some accessories require Torx tools for some fasteners. It’s a good idea to go over the whole bike and check that you have the minimum tools for dealing with any possible needs out on the road. A lightweight kit like the six piece Star-Pro Pivot Head Torx Wrench Set. For the workshop there are plenty of sets available from your local tool store. For Motion Pro and Cruztool star tools then go to AdventureMoto.com.au have a wide range available online.

Storm Handguards


During the winter months you need maximum protection from the elements. While the VPS handguards we fitted to our Tiger 800XC look fantastic during winter I prefer the Storm plastics. They cover a much larger area and give better protection from wind and rain. The great thing is that if you have the VPS handguard kit the Storm plastics will screw straight on. Alternately you can buy the Barkbuster Kit (BHG43-NP) and choose the Storm plastics costing for $46.00. Check out www.barkbusters.net or contact Rideworx direct on 02 4271 8244.

AltRider Radiator Guard


The AltRider Radiator Guard is made from 1.5 mm thick anodized aluminum designed with louvers to deflect kicked up debris, while simultaneously directing airflow to the radiator to keep it cool. It attaches to the bike using upper and lower mounts, and incorporates tabs to index into the fairing. High-temp silicone pads in each corner of the guard ensure that when taking a hit, the guard won’t crush the vulnerable radiator fins. It’s not hard mounted to the radiator that reduces the risk of damaging the radiator. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au and retails for $159.95

Touratech Mudguard Riser


The original mudguard on the Triumph Tiger 800XC is positioned very close to the front wheel with the standard road rubber. If you fit an off-road tyre like a TKC 80 the gap gets even smaller.

Touratechs riser for the original mudguard on the Triumph Tiger 800XC is easy to fit. It uses a stainless steel adapter and increases the clearance between the tyre and mudguard by 15 mm. The original mudguard doesn’t require any modifications. Available from www.touratech.com.au for $54.10.

Touratech Side Stand Extension


Touratech’s side stand base extension for the Triumph Tiger 800 more than doubles the area of the supporting surface. It makes the Tiger much more stable on soft ground.

Stainless steel components and an anodised aluminium sandwich plate combine to give the base extension a cool look. While it does provide a larger foot area it’s not too big to get caught up on logs or rocks. Available from www.touratech.com.au for $50.70.

Touratech Headlight Protector


Not only does it protect your headlight from rocks being thrown up in front of you the Touratech headlight protector gives your Tiger a real adventure bike look. The latticework creates a rugged off-road look and considerably modifies the bike’s appearance. As well as being a practical product made from laser-cut black stainless steel. It also features a quick release fastener that lets you easily clip on the headlight protector and detach it again as needed. These are the best on the market and are available from www.touratech.com.au for $181.70

USB Charger Adaptor


We love the 3BR Powersports Tapp Lite handlebar mount USB Power Port. It’s perfect for powering and charging your USB accessories including phones, most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. This model Tapp Lite uses a DIN 4165 plugs that fits straight into the Tigers standard power accessory plug that is the same as the BMW. It has a 6-inch lead and can be mounted easily to the handlebars using the Universal Mounting System. Available from AdventureMoto.com.au for $53.95.

Unifilter Precleaner


Trying to get to the Triumph paper airfilter element is like a scene out of the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Unifilter Australia has designed a simple solution creating a pre-cleaner for the Triumph Tiger 800XC. The pre-cleaner replaces the intake snorkel that exits up behind the tank. It simply pushes into the hole in the air box where the intake snorkel attaches. This pre-cleaner is only $24.75 (NU3703) is easy to fit, service and will remove 95% of the dust before it reaches the main filter. Call Unifilter for your nearest dealer.


Kako Cruise Control


On long transport sections there’s nothing better than having a cruise control. It holds the throttle at a set level allowing you to relax your throttle hand and help prevent numbness. It uses a friction nut that puts pressure against the grip holding it in position. It reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist and is very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves. Available from www.motorradgarage.com.au for $129.

Barrett Pipe


Barrett manufacture affordable precision made exhaust systems that are hand TIG welded and feature a removable tea strainer baffle as well as a unique ribbed billet end cap which is easily removed to simplify repacking. Their slip on cannisters are aluminium, and contain a stainless core surrounded by muffler packing and steel wool. The pipes are fully repairable and replacement parts are available. The slip on unit costs $595 and is available from www.barrettexhausts.com.au.

Safari Tank


The Triumph Tiger hums along nicely and it’s born to pull long kays but when you’re on the gas the triple cylinder powerplant tends to get a little thirsty. While the 19 litre tank is enough to cross most fuel intervals it may not be enough for those outback treks especially when the going gets heavy.

Safari Tanks are the world leader in designing and manufacturing large capacity tanks for a range of off-road dirt bikes and adventure bikes that now include the Tiger 800XC. The additional capacity comes from extending the tank lower giving the bike a lower centre of gravity and not increasing bulk.

The tanks are available through Triumph dealers around the country or Safari Tank resellers. For more information call Safari Tanks (03) 5729 5556.

Triumph Centre Stand


When it comes to big adventure bikes getting up around the 800cc mark it’s no fun when you get a flat and Popgun is no where to be found. Furthermore straddling the Tiger over a log is not that easy especially if you’re faced with changing the tyre yourself.

The best solution is to fit your bike with a centre stand balancing the bike and making it easier to change the front or rear wheel. Make it one of the first factory accessories you fit to the Tiger. Available from Triumph dealers for only $270.00

Adventure Fog Light Kit


Triumphs twin high power halogen 55W fog lamps are just the thing to spread more light on the road. They feature rugged, laser cut alloy shrouds to protect the lamps from most damage and are mounted on a powder coated steel light bar. The kit comes with illuminated push button switching similar to their heated grips switch. Available from your Triumph dealer for $414.

AltRider Side Stand Foot

altrider-side-stand-enlarger-footThe Triumph Tiger has a very small side stand foot and needs a larger footprint to support the weight of your bike on soft ground. Made from hefty 3.175 mm thick stainless steel, the bottom plate will not bend, loosen, or begin rattling over time. It features a 3D tread that provides traction for your allowing easy deployment of the side stand while still on the bike. It’s also compatible with OEM centerstand, Available for $69.95 from AdventureMoto.com.au

Handle Bar Risers


On a long ride it’s important to have a comfortable riding position. The Triumph is better than most at tackling technical sections but for a taller rider the bars can be a bit low.

These handlebar risers are used with original top clamp. It provides 20mm of rise to the bar height without changing of control cables, wiring, or hoses. They blend in with the design of the OEM handlebar clamps and are finished in silver powdercoat. Available for $59 from www.motorradgarage .com.au.

Triumph Tall Screen


Like other bikes in its class the Triumph Tiger has a small screen by most standards. There are a few 3rd party screens available but we have to admit the Triumph Tall Screen is a pretty good option. What makes it better than other screens is not just its height but is adjustability of its angle. You can slope it back for a more aerodynamic profile or more upright for greater wind protection and off-road conditions.
Available from your Triumph dealer for $216.00

Adjustable Screen


The MadStad Engineering adjustable windshield system for the Triumph Tiger 800 is a patented design that allows some air to flow from up under the screen. This eliminates the vacuum behind the shield, which is what causes most of your turbulence affecting the rider.

It is a must especially for taller riders and you can adjust it to an infinite number of positions whether your tall or short or riding on the highway our off-road. The system doesn’t require any modification to the bike and the screen comes with removable side deflectors for extra protection in colder climates. Available online for $309.00 from www.motorradgarage.com.au.

Touratech Tank Bag

Tankbag A tank bag is a pretty essential piece of motorcycle luggage and for adventure riders it’s the off-road riders man bag. Touratech produces some of the worlds best quality adventure equipment and have been in the game longer than most.

Their tank bag is made from Teflon-coated Cordura and fits the shape of the Triumph tank matching the design of the Tiger 800. It has waterproof zips on the top cover and both side pockets and an all-round zip lets you increase the bag’s volume from 14 litres to about 20 litres.

The fastening system has two clip-buckles at the front and a Velcro attachment at the back ensures you can quickly take the bag off your bike. For heavy loads or off-road riding, you can also use the supplied straps to secure the bag via its sides. The map pocket, which measures 26 x 28 cm, is included and securely attaches to the tank bag with Velcro. Shoulder straps are included so you can wear the tank bag as a comfortable rucksack. It also has a document compartment inside the top cover with holders for pens or other small objects, and a credit card pouch secured with Velcro. It’s a good investment at $408.30 and is available from Touratech Australia. Go to www.touratech.com.au.

Prices, links and availability of parts and accessories may change without notice.

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