Yamaha WR250R Tenere Project Bike


Lightweight Adventurer

At a time when manufacturers are going bigger and better we've gone for lighter and leaner. If you are serious about exploring every corner of your adventure riding world then the Yamaha WR250R Tenere will have you explore the far reaches of where you ride.

Photos by Trail Zone Magazine and Lance Turnley

Suck It In

It’s just logistic that if you’re going to improve exhaust flow from the engine then it makes sense to improve airflow into the engine. On our last WR250R project bike we drilled several 20mm holes. We’ve then fitted an Australian Made Unifilter. This Unifilter element is a dual-stage filter that’s easy to maintain for long and dusty rides, with Unifilter recommending Filter Fix foam air filter treatment when servicing the polyurethane foam element. For more information go to the www.uniflow.com.au web site or contact Unifilter on (02) 4322 2007.

Lowering Link

The WR250R is a tall puppy when it comes to a seat height of 930mm… yikes! When you start loading it up for adventure rides that’s a high centre of gravity that nobody wants. To get the seat height down we fitted a Seat Concepts low seat but to lower the mass of the bike and its load we’ve gone for a DeVol anodised aluminium lowering link which will lower the bike another 38mm. The DeVol link is lightweight and stronger than stock and our experience in the past has been that the lower centre of gravity improves handling, especially when things get a bit technical. The DeVol link is priced at $199 and available from Ballards Off-Road – call (02) 4731 1210 or check out www.ballards.cc

Heated Grips

Adventure riding is fundamentally different from enduro riding with long blacktop transport sections from your driveway to your first off-road section that may be up to two hundred kilometres away. It will always start in the early hours and single digit temperatures will always take its toll on your extremities. Your first option is heated grips, as the hands will suffer first. While there are a couple of heated grips on the market we’ve gone with Heat Demon Heated Grips that are a very economical $49.95. Available from adventuremoto.com.au. They’ll be very handy as we approach the cooler months.

Glenda LED Motorcycle Light Kit

These 12 watt, 800 lumen per light on high (each), LED Glendas make your motorcycle more visible to traffic during the day and at night providing a wide pattern of light adding to side illumination. These 2 inch diameter lights come with a digital dimmer to adjust the amount of light produced. I know from my own experience that lights like the Glenda are a good choice to help keep you safe and more visible.
During the day or night they provide a wide pattern of light, which adds to side illumination. They are a combination of a fog and visibility light meant to make you more conspicuous. Made in the USA the Glenda makes you safer and more visible and at seven onces in weight each a good choice for the lightweight WR250R. For more information and your nearest dealer go to XenonOz at www.xenonoz.com.au

Muffle It

We know muffler systems on larger bikes can weigh as much as 11 kilos. On today’s bikes aftermarket exhausts systems are becoming more about weight saving than performance enhancing. The stock WR250R muffler is a weighs in at 4.3kg and it contains the EXUP (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve) butterfly valve, used for noise suppression, in unison with the ICS (Intake Control System).
This GYTR muffler excludes the EXUP, but still has the O2 sensor fitting port. The GYTR muffler weighs just 2kg and being a GYT-R genuine accessory fits perfectly. You can remove the EXUP operation cables but the EXUP servo motor needs to stay in place with the power plug connected, otherwise you’ll have an engine warning light on the dash. Needless to say power improvement with the GYTR muffler is impressive across the range. The other bonus is that the WR250R is now blessed with a sweet exhaust note. Available from the Yamaha Y-Shop. yshop.yamaha-motor.com.au.

Rear Disc Guard

With a bike as nimble as the WR250R, you will always be tempted to take on the most challenging of trails. On trails like this, littered with rocks, logs and obstacles, the chance of damage is high, especially to low-slung components, such as the rear brake disc. To avoid a dinged disc, we fitted a GYTR rear disc guard. Anodised blue, it’s a nice piece of bling that performs a serious function. The disc guard is priced at $187.50 and is available from Yamaha dealers or the yshop.yamaha-motor.com.au web site.

Carbon Fibre Guard

Call it bling factor if you must but this carbon fibre rear brake caliper guard is the bees knees. The durable, lightweight Carbon Fibre design helps protect your rear brake caliper and protect it from the risk of hits. Whilst it’s only a small part it helps increase protection without adding weight. Available from yshop.yamaha-motor.com.au for $78.56.

USB Charger

We’ve grown to become big fans of the 3BR Powersports Tapp Lite handlebar mount USB Power Port, which we’ve run on a number of bikes now. It’s perfect for powering and charging USB accessories including phones, most GPS units, MP3 players and some digital cameras. This Tapp Lite can be mounted easily to the handlebars using the Universal Mounting System. A tethered seal cap protects the power port from dust and water.
Priced at $55.95 it’s available from www.adventuremoto.com.au.

Master Cylinder Guard and Rego Plate Holder

If you prefer aussie made products then check out the B&B Off-Road rear rego plate hanger. The backing for the number plate is the full width of the plate, which helps reduce the chance of accidental bending. It also hangs a little lower and at a steeper angle, making it easier to read and less likely to attract attention from the boys in blue.
We’ve also fitted a Master Cylinder Guard is made from 2mm 5052 marine grade alloy and CNC machined in one piece for strength. The guard is supplied with all necessary mountings and stainless bolts. The cover protects the rear brake master cylinder and is easy to install. The Rear Plate Hanger is priced at $65 and the rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard is only $38 and is available from B&B Off-Road on (03) 5335 8099.

Rear axle socket

On the WR250R as with the XT660Z Tenere to rear axle nut is a big bugger and requires you to carry an additional large spanner outside of most standard tool kit pieces. Being slightly recessed also makes access with a ring or open ended spanner a little limited which results in damaging the surface surrounding the nut. While it does add a little bit of weight it makes sense to carry a 27mm size socket. From there you just need to find a simple solution within your existing kit as opposed to carrying a long heavy wrench to turn it.

GPS Mount

When we gave the brief to Safari Tanks on the WR’s rally fairing underlined and in bold caps was the word ‘Rigidity’ and the guys at Safari Tanks delivered. Like or previous WR450FB APC Rally Special the fairing is mounted off the Safari Tank. However without a fairing mount supported from the frame early versions tended to flex at bit. Robin and his design team added more angles and ridges to this design giving it great structural strength. The result means that we can confidently fit a GPS mount to the dash panel of the fairing. We adapted a Touratech Handlebar GPS Mount and fitted our old faithful Garmin Zumo 550 in a Touratech GPS Mount. For added strength we fabricated a bit of 2mm aluminium plate behind the fiberglass panel to spread the stress on the panel. Touratech have a few GPS mount options so check them out on www.touratech.com.au.

Headlight protector

One of the most vulnerable and most expensive (for what it is) is your headlight. After cracking my XTZ660 headlight lense I’ve realised what an expensive nightmare replacement can be. One of the simplest and most cost effective way is to fit a 3mm polycarbonate headlight shield. This is pretty much an easy DIY job. You can buy a small sheet from your local Perspex signage store, cut it out with a jig saw, clean up the edges and use some adhesive Velcro dots to attach it to your headlight. Simple, cheap and easy to install. In our case we fabricated a couple of aluminium brackets for a neater finish making it easy to remove and keep clean.

DIY Cable

For providing power to the Garmin Zumo 550 I use a 3BR cable kit (42.86) includes two mounting screws for attaching the cable to the ZUMO mounting cradle. That combined with a Baryl™ Panel Mount Socket and cable ($ 40.45) both from AdventureMoto.com.au you can remove the GPS cradle and all at your overnight stops. However swapping the whole kit over to another bike is painful especially with wires routed under the tank. Close to the head of the Baryl cable is an SAE connection and to save purchasing a complete cable assembly we made our own cable from battery terminal to SAE connection using components from our local electronics store. It’s a great solution when you have more than one bike in your fleet.

Barrett Racks

If you really want to expand your luggage options then go for a set of Barrett Products Universal Racks. These racks are made from steel and are powdercoated black. The Universal racks priced at $325 are designed to suit fitting with a standard exhaust and suit some hard luggage and soft luggage such as Wolman pannier bags. They also feature a brace for a Rotopax mount which means you can increase your fuel capacity or carry water. Contact Barrett Products on 02 4567 2072 or go to www.barrettexhausts.com.au.

ProMoto Billet Rack

There are not many options when it comes to rear luggage racks for the WRR. The neatest rear rack on the market is the Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack which are very strong and functional. The rack is CNC machined from 1/2 inch thick plate made of 6061 aluminum and are then hard anodized for durability and are fitted with stainless steel. The racks come with instructions and all necessary hardware is included. Promoto Billet is now available from AdventureMoto.com.au. Only $130 and you can order online or phone 1300 46 66 86

Rally Fairing and Tall Screen

We’ve been talking about the idea of a rally fairing since our last WR250R project bike in issue 34. Our concept image of the WR250R Rally fairing really got everybody’s attention and all of a sudden the pressure was on to make our concept a reality. We made the call to the team at Safari Tanks that created the WR450F ralle fairing and their design team swung into action. The guys at Safari are a big fan of the WRR and have one in their fleet so they were straight onto it. The end result is very neat and they are also producing WR250R tanks with inserts so fitment is a breeze. The fibreglass fairing is available for $295. Call Safari Tanks on 03 5729 5556
While the Safari fairing provides excellent weather protection for it’s size a taller rider will still feel a little exposed. That’s why we fitted a Screens For Bikes unit designed for the Yamaha WR250F. The original fairing uses a WR450F number plate so the screen bolts straight on. Using cast acryllic (perspex) for manufacturing, offer a range of screens in a variety of thicknesses, heights and tints. The Yamaha WR250F screen is available in Clear, a variety of tints and Solid White or black. The screen will set you back only $132 plus $16 for shipping anywhere in Australia. Available online from www.screensforbikes.com.au.

Giant Loop Coyote Saddle Bag

The last thing you want to do is weigh down the WRR with extra metal bling when our ultra light, small bore fighter will benefit from any weight saving. The rackless 2014 Giant Loop Saddle Bags is manufactured in the USA it straps on to small dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles like the WRR and can strap onto the sub frame or passenger pegs. The bag uses fender hooks or included webbing loop for easier, more flexible adjustment. The Coyote includes set of 3 roll-top 100% waterproof fitted Dry Pod liners with a total of 39 litres capacity. The bag also includes a Hot Springs Heat Shield made of a new laser-cut aluminium. The Coyote has a number of other features and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Coyote Saddle Bag is the original and the best when it comes to rackless saddle bag systems. Beware of imitations. Available online from Adventuremoto.com.au for $465.00

VPS Barkbusters

IMG_6709Once we’ve got this baby finished we’ll be putting it to the test starting with Clubby hitting the Victorian High Country and I just know Clubby’s going to crash. That’s why we’ve gone straight to Barkbuster VPS handguards to protect the WR250R controls. As a part of the styling exercise we’ve gone for white plastics with white adjustable wind deflectors, which has given it the illusion of a larger single plastic guard. Needless to say the plastics are available in a wide range of colours to match most popular bikes, the VPS Barkbusters cost $97.95 while the mounting hardware is $39.95. You can get Barkbusters at bike shops everywhere or check out the www.barkbusters.net web site for more information.

Dunlop 606 Knobbies

The standard dual sport tyres are very road orientated but for aggressive off road riding you can’t go past a long-wearing Dunlop 606. Ask anyone on a dual sports online forum and the majority will recommend this tyre when you’re up for a full blown knobby tyre. They are a great alrounder but be warned that if you plan to do a lot lot of road miles the 606’s tend to get very noisy on the blacktop. We’re running a Dunlop D606 120/90-17 on the rear and a 90/90-21 on the front. Available from most motorcycle tyre dealers.

B&B Bash Plate

We tend to armour up our project bikes a little more than most. There’s plenty of protection products available that look the business. However, poor choice of mounting points have been known to increase the chance of engine case damage. We like the B&B Off Road bash plate is made from 4mm aluminium 5083 plate and is highly polished and comes with all the components needed for fitting. The plate also comes with rubber strips, which help eliminate vibration against the frame. The B&B Off-Road bashplate is priced at $177 and available direct from B&B Off-Road by calling (03) 5335 8000 or get online and check out the www.bboffroad.com.au web site.

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