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Ride To The Snowy Ride T&C

October 24th, 2015

2015 Ride To The Snowy Ride - November 6 2015 

Terms and Conditions

REGISTRATION IS FREE. Please be advised this is a non-commercial, no-cost, not-for-profit ride and as such does not offer any insurance coverage of participants, therefore participation is entirely at your own risk.

• To participate, you must be paid and registered as an entrant to the Steve Walter Foundation ‘The Snowy Ride’ and display the event sticker on your bike. You must also complete this registration form and bring it with you to the start of the ride and hand it in to the organisers. You will receive the route instruction trip notes at the start of the ride at  Mittagoong, 9am Friday October 30.

• You will ride at your own pace via our trip notes. Any deviation from the route will have no sweep support.

• Fuel, food, accommodation and all costs are your own responsibility.

You can only participate if you hold a current motorcycle licence and are riding registered a motorcycle.

Proof of motorcycle registration and motorcycle licence must be presented if requested.


I ACKNOWLEDGE that motorcycling is a dangerous sport and by engaging in the sport and participating in this event I am exposed to certain risks and dangers and I am under certain obligations:

1. That I have an obligation to myself and others to participate safely and within the rules of this event whether implied or stated.

2. That other participants may ride dangerously or with lack of skill.

3. That I may be injured/killed or suffer mentally or physically.

4. That there may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transportation if I am injured.

5. That any policy of insurance I may have may be void.

6. That my motorcycle or equipment may be lost destroyed or damaged.

7. That the event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning.

8. That the organisers, officials, land owners, and any agent or representatives of those in charge of this event are frequently obliged to decisions under pressure of time and/or events.

9. That it is my responsibility to ensure my motorcycle is in a roadworthy condition and scrutineering my motorcycle does not imply it is road/trail worthy and is not the responsibility of the organizers to ensure road/trail worthiness.


In consideration of acceptance of me as an participant in this event I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY and hold harmless the organisers, officials, land owners, any agent or representative of those in charge of this event, any participant, bike owner, riders, rescue personnel, sponsors, advertisers, member of the general public, against any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or on respect of or arising out of my death or any injury, loss or damage caused by me or my machinery or equipment whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or in any other manner whatsoever. I Hereby release and agree to waive my rights in regards to the use of any still or video footage taken of me by Trail Rider/offroadexplorer.com and/or its affiliates. I agree to the use of footage of myself for any purpose for private or commercial use and seek no financial compensation.

I Hereby release and agree to waive my confidentiality rights where medical services are required, To give to any official details of my injury(s).

Ride to the Snowy Ride

October 13th, 2015

Our Ride To The Snowy Ride

Clubby and The Professor from Trail Rider Magazine are inviting riders to join them for the 2015 Ride To The Snowy Ride. While the ride with us is free, the condition of entry is that you must be an official entrant in the 2015 Snowy Ride. Register Here. This years route will run over one day only. Read the rest of this entry »

The Snowy Ride 2015

October 13th, 2015


The Snowy Ride is a motorcycle event run annually in the Alpine Region of NSW and the ride is now in its eleventh year and has raised in excess of 3 million dollars for the Steven Walter Foundation.

The Steven Walter Foundation which is the organiser and main benefactor of the Snowy Ride. is a non-profit organisation which was started following the passing of nineteen year old Steven Walter after an eight year battle with cancer The Foundation is involved in raising money for research into childhood cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment in children.

All monies raised by the Foundation goes to childhood cancer research programs and support of children with cancer.The aim of the Snowy Ride was to involve the motorcycle riders of Australia into raising money for research into childhood cancer and its side effects and to give the local volunteer organisations of the Snowy mountains area the chance to raise money for their own communities.


Your payment is an entry into the Honda Trade Promotion lottery. Providing you are registered you are automatically in the draw even if you don’t make it to Thredbo – pillions who are registered will also receive an entry! To be eligible for one of the minor prizes all you have to do is get your card stamped at any three of the nine Snowy Ride checkpoints and have it to the final checkpoint in Thredbo by 4pm Saturday 7th November 2015. It will then go into the minor prize draw. All prizes will be drawn in Thredbo on the afternoon of the 7th November 2015.

The Snowy Ride has both tarmac and off road sections designed for adventure riders. These routes were developed with offroadexplorer.com and takes in checkpoints to qualify you for the prize draw.

You can leave from anywhere. whenever you like. and take whatever route you like as long as you’re at the final checkpoint in Thredbo by 4.00pm on the afternoon of Saturday 7th November 2015. The Snowy Ride checkpoints are located at:

Charlotte Pass


Registration is $60 per rider and $60 per pillion. Registering gets you an information pack, 3 day NSW Parks sticker for your bike and an entry into the Honda Trade Promotion to possibly win one of two fantastic Honda Motorcycles!

You will also be able to register on the day with more detail available at the Registering on the day information page.

2015 Snow Ride Registration
Note: To ensure Snowy Ride Packs get to you in time pre-registrations will close on Monday 26 October 2015. Snowy Ride registration packs will start being sent out from late September to early October.
It is a requirement that all participants in the Snowy Ride register. You can pre-register below via secure transaction, or register on Saturday 7 November 2015 at various Snowy Ride checkpoints in; Cooma, Jindabyne and Thredbo.

By pre-registering you receive your Snowy Ride Pack including NSW National Park pass prior to the Snowy Ride. It also helps organisers immensely so please consider pre-registering here.

Registering for The Snowy Ride also puts you in the draw for the Honda Trade Promotion.

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