2008 Kawasaki KLR650

You get what you pay for but Kawasaki's KLR650 provides one of the best entry-level adventure bikes on the market.

For an all-rounder this is probably the best out of the box, ready for adventure, dual sport bikes around for the money. The engine is not as responsive as the DR650 but it does have the larger tank, fairing, comfortable seat and great luggage rack. The handguards also to a good job protecting the riders hands from wind and rain but offer little in the event of a fall. I said in the Vic High Country ride (Trailzone #15) that I thought it was 70/30 in dirt/road bias. Having now covered almost 3,000 kms on the bike I think its more 50/50.

22 litre fuel tank, brakes, effect fairing, comfortable seat, luggage rack, engine guard

Under powered, steel handlebars.

Price: $7,990


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